How To Clean Your Motorized Blinds


We live in a high tech world.

We have phones that are basically mini-supercomputers, our dishwashers can send emails, and cars are equipped with software that allows them to tell YOU when it’s time for a tune up. You may think that the world of window treatments is one place where technology won’t ever butt in, after all, window shades and curtains have basically operated the same way for thousands of years.

But of course this isn’t the case! Motorized blinds are all the rage in modern homes these days. Yes, you read that right: blinds with motors in them.

Have you recently purchased motorized blinds from Arjay’s or had them installed by another professional window treatment company in the Ventura area? If so, you’re already familiar with their benefits and probably most interested in learning how to keep your motorized blinds functional for many years to come. If not, you can ready more about the advantages offered by motorized blinds below, followed by easy tips for cleaning them properly should you decide to purchase them.

Benefits Of Motorized Blinds

Have you ever sat there, silently cursing your old window blinds as you try to make both sides hang evenly using those confusing drawstrings? Have you ever been convinced that you locked the blinds into place, only to hear them come crashing down as soon as you step away from the window? These issues are a thing of the past when you have motorized blinds.

By automating the raising and lowering of your blinds, motorization delivers safety, energy efficiency, and convenience of never having to stand on the back of your couch, reaching for the drawstring ever again.

Cleaning Tips For Motorized Blinds

Because motorized blinds have a few more moving parts than traditional blinds, cleaning them must be approached with care.

  1. Vacuum – The best way to prevent dust and dirt from building up on your motorized blinds is to make them a part of your regular vacuuming schedule. This is an especially efficient style of cleaning if your blinds are made from or covered in fabric.
  2. Lamb’s Wool – Want to take your cleaning a step further? Grab a lambs-wool duster and slide it horizontally along each slat. Be sure to work from top to bottom so dust falls to the floor and not on your cleaned slats below.
  3. Rubber Sponge – Also known as a ‘dry sponge,’ this cleaning tool is especially adept at removing dust and grime from vinyl blinds. As its name suggest, the dry sponge works without any water so you don’t have to worry about damaging the motorized aspects of your blinds.
  4. NEVER Soak or Spray – Unlike the old plastic blinds you may have had before, motorized blinds should never be sprayed directly with cleaning solution or submerged in water. This could permanently damage both the blinds and the motorized elements.

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Are Custom Blinds Worth The Cost?


From time to time, we’re reminded that not everyone is fully aware of the benefits of custom blinds. Occasionally, we’ll get a call or request for quote from someone who just bought a house and is responsible for finding window coverings for the very first time. When said quote is provided, the individual on the other end of the phone call or email is sometimes very taken aback by the cost of custom blinds and installation.

If you’re finding yourself on the fence about custom blinds, wondering whether or not they’re worthy the slightly elevated cost, this blog post is for you. We realize that the upfront price can catch some people off guard, but it’s important to see blinds and window treatments not just as decorations, but as long-term investments in the value and function of your home.

Keep reading to discover some of the advantages that can only be provided by custom blinds installed by the pros at Arjay’s, then contact us to schedule your FREE consultation appointment!

Advantages Of Custom Blinds And Window Treatments

When you decide to install custom window treatments from Arjay’s, it’s a very different experience than simply picking up boxed blinds or curtains from the local retail store. We aim to provide each one of our customers with a customized experience that allows them to proceed with confidence throughout the entire process. Ultimately, we want your home to be more beautiful and comfortable than you ever expected, thanks to our window treatments.

  1. Cut Perfectly – Unlike the standard sizes you’ll find at Home Depot or Lowe’s, the custom blinds we provide here at Arjay’s are measured and cut to fit perfectly in each one of your windows, no matter what their size or shape. This is especially important in older homes that may have had windows installed before sizes were standardized. Never again find yourself traveling back and forth between the store and your home, because you purchased the wrong size blinds for the windows you need to cover.
  2. Customizable Fabrics – When you choose custom drapes and window treatments from Arjay’s, you’ll have a fully array of customizable fabrics at your fingertips. No longer will you be limited to the three choices offered at the big box stores. Instead, you can choose from fabrics that blend perfectly with your room’s decor. Looking for an exotic or earthy touch? We’ve got exactly what you need.
  3. Reflective Of Your Individual Style – Window treatments and blinds are the functional finishing touches that really tie a room together. Sure, you could go to the store and pick up blinds and curtains that are identical to those hung by thousands of other people in Ventura. Or, you could use Arjay’s to choose custom blinds and window treatments that truly encompass your vision for a comfortable home.

Remember, Custom Window Treatments Improve Your Home’s Value!

Still not convinced that custom blinds are worth the investment? You’re probably forgetting a few of the advantages we’ve addressed in previous blogs. These include saving money on your energy bills and protecting furniture and rugs from premature aging by the sun!

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Cordless Blinds – What’s The Big Deal?

It seems like more than ever before, the designs that we create are done so with the intentions of removing some of the minor headaches that we receive through older designs. As a homeowner, it’s nearly impossible not to fall in love with the updated designs and functionalities of kitchen features, design elements, and yard maintenance, which are constantly being worked with. One of the features that people didn’t expect to see improvements and functionalities improved on were window treatments. These various window treatments have designs that are old as time but haven’t ever really had issues with functionality, and even when there were improvements to be made, we saw them. Well, there is one recent improvement of functionality that has been made, and we are crazy about it: cordless application.

The pull cord is something that we have had on window treatments for as long as we can remember, and while they haven’t always been a downfall of the treatment themselves, they are definitely something that we have seen a few difficulties and receive some of those headaches from. In fact, this small detail of the window treatment has made news because of the dangers that it is capable of posing to families.

With this recent change, there definitely has been an increase in the cost of the improved treatment, and for this reason, people seem to turn their backs to all of the possibilities that this new design has. Of course, there are always those changes that happen where you immediately start to wonder if it’s truly a necessity that you are investing in, or if it’s simply a luxury addition. We’ve given this some consideration, and we’ve found that there are a few reasons that this new addition is a must, for some families and people in particular, and not just a strange new feature.


We mentioned earlier that the drawstrings of blinds have made the news, and for good reason. These “harmless” looking drawstrings proved to be extremely dangerous when in the hands of a child that was not supervised. Without understanding the functionality of the strings, children were wrapping themselves up in the cord, and some of them were had the misfortune of being strangled by them. While it seemed like a harmless game or just playing with something that was sitting out, these drawstrings took the lives of too many children. Having been the most common option in regards to window treatments, they continued to be the immediate choice of people that were shopping around or construction companies that were building new homes.

Rather than stick with an option that might be more affordable, having an option that leaves your children safe is something that makes sense to us. The chances of it happening to your child may be small, or even impossible in your mind, but the reality is that they exist. At least, they exist until you eliminate the drawstring that is creating the issue in the first place.


Children aren’t the only ones that have been put in danger because of the drawstring. Cats and dogs are the two most commonly found pets that seem to struggle with drawstrings and the overall safety of them. For cats, these are merely a toy that they can paw at and play with. Once they see that the string moves, and is connected at the top of the blinds, they find the opportunity to jump onto the blinds and ruin the slats. Other issues that happened in regards to pets were similar to those that happened with children. Dogs would wind up wrapping themselves up in the cord until they could no longer breathe.

The chances of you leaving your child unattended may be slim, but think about how many times a day you leave your dog unattended. Are they wandering around the home while you’re at work? Or even when you’re home, how often do you go and check when your dog isn’t right by your side or barking? This is a concern, one that was big enough to be noted when children were being strangled by the same drawstrings.

Damaged & Dropped

Aside from these two main issues, drawstrings provide an opportunity for the window treatment to be pulled down entirely. If you haven’t ever tried to pull down on a drawstring only to look like an idiot that can’t figure out a window treatment, then consider yourself lucky. Such a simple task seems to be pretty difficult for a majority of society, so we’re going to go ahead and say that it isn’t just us on this one.

When people try to pull too hard, the blinds can come with them. This is another thing that you might not feel is a huge deal, but when you’ve installed these window treatments into the interior of your window frame, it can be a pretty big deal. When this treatment is installed with screws and the actual equipment to hold the blinds, a good tug can bring all of that down, leaving more than just the blinds ruined. This could call for some new equipment to hold new blinds in place, as well as some patches on the interior of the window frame. Rather than let this ever be an issue, you could eliminate the drawstring as a whole.

Cordless blinds offer easy functionality, but they also look incredible and allow for the window treatments in your home to remain safe. Now, we aren’t saying that the standard blinds are an inhumane and horrible option, but there are some instances where these updated designs are going to be a better fit and a much safer option. For instance, the families with children; this is a time where safety can easily be prioritized and is a quick switch. This tiny change is one that has made a revolutionary difference for homes across the world, and while it may not seem like much, to those that had the misfortune of being a case where danger became the end result; it’s one that truly can make a difference. This is primarily the reason that we decided that this change was one that truly was for the better. Taking the cord off of the window treatment is not a luxury for some, it’s a necessity.

At Arjay’s Window Fashions, we tailor your window treatments to your needs. For any questions that you have regarding this new window treatment design, or any of the other options that might be a good fit for you and your home, call us. We would be more than happy to schedule a consultation where we can review your options and get you set up with the perfect treatments.


Why Add Window Shutters to Your Home’s Exterior

Plantation shutters are one of the most popular window treatments that can be added to the interior of a home, but long before they were used on the interior of homes, they were used on the exterior. Arjay’s Window Fashions has specialized in window fashions for years, so we’ve seen the transition of shutters going from the exterior to the interior, and while we are all about the way they look on the inside, we also love the classic look of window shutters on the exterior of a home. There are a few reasons that we love them, and we’re going to go over them with you today. That way, if you’ve been on the fence about them, you can have a better idea of what it is you’ll get out of them.

Aesthetic Appeal

If you are purchasing a new home or selling yours, then you might be considering the exterior aesthetic. This is something that is often one of the main selling points, so it is a great thing to invest your finances in. These can be added to as many, or as few, levels as you’d like. Whether you only want them on the windows that are on the second level of your home, or you would like them on all of them, window shutters can add a classic look to any home.

Color Scheme

When you create the color scheme of your home, and you choose the color duo, or trio, that you’re going to make the most of, it can be fun to add touches of other colors in places other than the trim. If you want to incorporate more of the other colors that you’ve selected, doing so in the form of window shutters is a great way. This is a subtle way to make the most of your color scheme that is also a fantastic addition to the exterior of your home. When you do so, you’re almost double dipping in the advantages of making your home more beautiful, which is a win in the end.

Body & Texture

These aren’t always things that we think about when we think about the exterior of our home, but the truth is that they both offer something that can make a home all the more “you”. Window shutters are pretty simple but they contribute a lot of texture and can make a home look entirely different. These types of touches can create a home that looks bigger, taller, longer, all with the small touch of a window treatment, which makes it a great reason to add this type of fashion if you’re trying to sell a house, or spruce up your own.

Arjay’s Window Fashions can provide you with the window shutters that you need. Call our team to set up an appointment and we can provide you with a consultation on your window shutters. Don’t wait any longer, we can provide you with a quick and easy quote so that you can get the project started immediately.


Patterns: Why They Aren’t Scary

Patterns can be intimidating when you first start to look at the various options that you have. When you are looking at putting them into your home, the last thing that you want is a pattern that is going to clash with the rest of your interior and create an overwhelming look for your family while you’re in the space. Now, we aren’t saying that there aren’t busy patterns that can create a clash of aesthetics in your home because there definitely are, but there are a few ways to make them work. Here are a few tips that you can consider while you determine whether patterned drapes are something that will work in your home.

Solid Accents

If you’re nervous that a pattern might be a little bit overwhelming, then you can balance it by adding solid accents to your home that offset it. For example, if there’s a pattern that you love, but you don’t think you can make an entire room work based off of the pattern, break it down to solids. What we mean by that is create a color scheme off of the colors in the pattern, and incorporate these patterns into your space. If you paint the walls in one solid color and add accent pieces to the room that are in the colors of the pattern, your pattern won’t be as overwhelming. In fact, this is one of the best ways to incorporate a pattern into a space, especially a small space, without it being busy.


A house is only a house until you make it your own, and when you finally do add those unique touches, you have a home. When you sprinkle those touches of unique, and personal taste throughout your house, you are creating a space that represents you. If you really want to add a unique touch to your home, and one that has some personality to it, you should consider adding a pattern to your home. This is a great way to create a home that is all your own. Of course, you can do this with standard colors, and your classic window treatments, but there are some patterns that can add much more voice to a space than simple colors.

If there’s a pattern that you find that really does create a feel to the space that you’re in, then find a way to incorporate into your space. Window fashions are one of the best, and easiest, ways to get the pattern in there without having to go over the top with how much of a pattern you’re putting in the space.


Now, texture isn’t something that everyone considers adding to a space, but it is one that can make a room all its own. It can add a feel to a room, but also contribute to an overall aesthetic in the space. A lot of people will try and add texture through the paint on the wall, the material that the couches are made of, or even the grain of the wood. If you have a fairly sleek setup for your room, then adding texture through a pattern can be a fantastic way to add some texture to a space, without having to go and get entirely new furniture. It’s a quick and easy fix and one of the more affordable options that you have for adding texture

These aren’t all of the reasons that patterns can be fun to add to your home, but they are some of the more important ones.  We would love for you to take a chance on the various patterns that we carry; we know that you’ll find one that you love and will fit perfectly in your home.  And if you’re simply not sure about a pattern or how to make the most of it, well, we can help.

When you’re looking for window furnishings that you love, you can count on Arjay’s Window Fashions. We have a wide selection to choose from so that you can finally turn your house, into a home. Call our team today so that we can schedule a consultation and provide you with more information on the installation process that will follow. We can’t wait to be an active part of the finishing touches on your home.