What You Will Love About Your Motorized Blinds


At Arjay’s, one of our most popular services is motorized blind installation and it isn’t hard to understand why. When your blinds are motorized, your life is simpler. Imagine tucking yourself in at night, all cozy for a night of well-deserved sleep, when you realize that the blinds are still up, ensuring that your room will be flooded with light before you will be ready to get out of bed in the morning. With motorized blinds, you don’t have to get out of bed; simply press a button and the work is done for you. This scenario alone makes motorized blinds worth it; however, there are many reasons that you will love your new motorized blinds. In this blog, we will go over the top reasons why you will be happy with your decision to motorize your blinds.


If you have any tiny tots or furry friends at home, you can ensure that they are safer by installing motorized blinds. It is more common than it should be for children or pets to strangle on blind cords, and this is type of tragedy can be avoided by installing motorized blinds, which are completely cordless. According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, blinds with cords are one of the top hidden hazards in the home, and replacing older models with new, cordless blinds is recommended. When you motorize your blinds, you don’t have to worry about a tragic accident involving cords.


Burglary is a crime that most homeowners worry about often. One of the best ways you can deter thieves from targeting your home is to appear to be at home at all times. Most burglars specifically target homes that look unoccupied, so many homeowners turn to automated lighting to make it appear as though they are home when they actually are not. This is a great tool, but some burglars have caught onto this trick. However, motorized blinds are a lesser known convenience that make it appear like you are home even if you are thousands of miles away. You can program your blinds to lower and open on a daily basis at a certain time, or you can set up a home automation app and control them remotely whenever you like. With motorized blinds, you can take your home security to the next level.


In addition to the safety and security features of motorized blinds, they are also simply far more convenient than traditional blinds. When you have old, corded blinds, you have to go to each window to lower or raise it to your desired level of sun exposure. If you have skylights or other windows that are difficult to reach, opening and closing the blinds may be impossible. When you have motorized blinds, you can easily open and close your blinds, wherever they are. You can open multiple blinds at once, or program your blinds to respond to the exact amount of sunlight that is coming through your windows. Never stress about your blinds again when you motorize them!


Back in the day, you had to get out of the car and open your garage door yourself. Then, a few curious souls invented the garage door opener. Now, you would be hard pressed to find a garage door that doesn’t come with a remote! The same trend can be predicted with motorized blinds. Yes, they are unusual now; however, once everyone catches on to how much more safe, secure, and convenient they are, you will be grateful that you invested in them before the rest of the crowd.


One of the most important functions of blinds is adding privacy. Whether you install motorized blinds in your bathroom or your bedroom, you don’t have to worry about anyone peeking in when you are indisposed when you have motorized blinds; simply hit a button and you will instantly have the privacy you seek.

At Arjay’s, we are happy to provide our customers with the motorized blinds that will improve their lives in many ways. If you are looking for a window treatment that will make your life easier, contact us and we will install motorized blinds for you! Call today.


Tips for Making Your Windows Look Bigger

When you are decorating your home, you may long for large picture windows with expansive views, but this is not a standard feature on every home. While you could hypothetically install larger windows with a remodel, this isn’t always a realistic option, whether due to the structure of your home or the budget of your family. However, if your home doesn’t have the big, wide windows of your dreams, it isn’t the end of the world; fortunately, there are plenty of ways to trick the eye into thinking a window is much bigger than it truly is. If you are looking for a way to make your small windows appear larger, read on for some simple tricks.


Add Height

You can make your windows look taller using window treatments. If your windows are short, you can make them look taller by hanging floor-length drapes or curtains near the ceiling, roughly two inches below the molding ideally. If the gap between the top of the window and the curtain rod appears awkwardly large, you can feel that empty space with a cornice board, lambrequin, or valance over the curtain, or by installing a shade underneath the curtain to cover the wall. If you add shades, install the top of them right below the rod, and then do not raise the bottom above the top edge of the window. If you go for cornice boards or lambrequins, avoid ones with straight bottoms.

Add Width

If the issue with your small window is that it is too narrow, the aim of your window treatments is to add width. Choose a curtain rod that is wider than the window and molding by about 60 to 80 percent. Use drawing curtains or drapes across the width of the entire space, or hang separate stationery panels to each side of the window. Each panel should go from the end of the rod to just past the edge of the window. Either way, this tricks the eye because it assumes that the width of the curtain covers more window, not the wall. You can emphasize the width of the window even more by topping the window with a straight-bottomed cornice board or valance.

Add Height and Width

If your window is both short and narrow, there are other ways you can make it look bigger. Start by installing a long rod near the top of the ceiling. From this rod, hang a floor-length drapery panel or curtain so that the leading edges slightly overlap the outer edge of the glass. If necessary, top these panels with a lambrequin, valance, or cornice board with either straight or curved bottoms in order to fill the excess wall space or simply to add some interesting decoration. If the panels do not close over the glass, you can add a fabric or woven shade for privacy.


Choose the Right Window Treatment Fabric

You can make a window look larger by strategically choosing the pattern and fabric of your window treatment. For example, if the window is short and you would like to make it look taller, opt for curtains that feature a vertical pattern. This does not necessarily mean you have to go for stripes; any pattern that will draw the eye up and down will create the illusion of length. If you have narrow windows you would like to appear wider, a horizontal pattern will have the opposite effect as a vertical pattern, drawing the eye from side to side instead of up and down, distracting from its narrow nature. If the window is both narrow and short, either a vertical pattern, a solid color, or a print with no obvious direction are the way to go.

You can also use placement to make your windows look wider. Make your shades, valances, cornice boards, or lambrequins out of the same fabric as your curtains or drapes, or use a pattern, color, or mini-print to add contrast.

At Arjay’s, we are proud to provide our customers with high-quality, gorgeous window treatments for their homes. Whether you wish to make your windows look taller, wider, or you like them just the way they are, there is a window treatment that is sure to please your eye. Shop our collection of window treatments here today!

When to Replace Your Mini Blinds – Part 2

blinds4In our last blog post, we touched on a few of the ways that you can recognize when it’s time to get your blinds replaced. While those particular signs are ways to see them, they aren’t the only ways that you will be able to recognize that your blinds need to be replaced. In our blog post today, we are going to touch on a few other signs that will present.

Worn Down Cords

When you have mini blinds, the cords that connect the different slats look fantastic, but they also keep your mini blinds compact and working as they’re intended to. The more that blinds are used, the more frayed they become, and definitely starts to show. When the cords that are connecting the slats of your blinds begin to fray, it’s a telling sign that you should start to shop for new window coverings so that your blinds don’t snap and need immediate replacement.

Out of Style

While it isn’t the most important reason that people invest in window coverings, the style factor that they contribute to a space does matter. If you haven’t replaced your window coverings in some time, chances are that they’re not providing you with as much efficiency as you could with new window coverings. This also gives you the opportunity to update the overall styling of your home.

Whether your blinds are broken or they’re simply out of style, you can count on Arjay’s Window Fashions to provide you with the high-quality window coverings that you need. Call in today and allow for us to set up a consultation with a member of our team. When you stop by our office in Ventura, you’ll see that we can help you find the perfect fit and learn more about what your needs are so that we can provide you with the best guidance that we can.

When to Replace Your Mini Blinds


Window treatments are an investment that you choose to make on your home, and very rarely is it an affordable one. While it is something that we suggest every homeowner invest in, it’s necessary that they’re looked at as an investment and not just an additional piece of decor within your home. As with any other investment, there is a time where your blinds will fill their lifetime and it’ll be time to replace them, and you will then have to choose to invest in another form of window treatments. If you have had the blinds on your windows for quite some time, then there are a few ways that can help you better determine if it’s time for you to replace your blinds.

Bent Slats

Mini blinds are constructed with a layering of slats, but over time it’s not uncommon for these slats to get bent. Between children that play with them, pets that jump onto them, sun that warps them and accidents that can create some serious bends in them, your mini blinds can start to look a little bit worn. When slats get bent or warped, they don’t look great, but the primary concern here is that they’re no longer effective. These slats are meant to keep out sunlight and increase efficiency, and when they’re warped like this it’s impossible for them to do so. Aside from the fact that this sign offers the opportunity for a serious upgrade to the interior of your home, it is also a sign that the efficiency of your home could be improved.

They Aren’t Helping

Window treatments look great, but the truth is that we often add them so that we can have some control over the light that’s coming into our house. If you invest in window treatments and they aren’t providing you with control over the natural light, or you’re still having issues with unwanted glares, then it is time for you to invest in a new type of window treatment. When one window treatment doesn’t work, there is another that can provide you with different results. Whether that be doubling up on your window treatments so that you have blinds and curtains, or switching to a film that automatically lessens the intensity of UV rays coming through your window, there is an alternative that we can provide you with, depending on concerns brought up during a consultation.


Blinds offer protection from the harsh rays of the sun. One of the primary benefits that homeowners see from window treatments is a decrease in discoloration of furniture. While this does help furniture, it’s not uncommon for window treatments to pick up the damage. If you have blinds that are a certain color, or even plain white, you will likely see a distinct discoloration when they become older. This is from constant contact with the sun and is a pretty common reaction for something that will receive contact with so many UV rays. While it would be great to avoid this, there is no one way to keep your blinds from discoloration, which is what makes this one sign, one of the most reliable signs that it’s time to look into investing in new window treatments.

While this is more common in plastic mini blinds, you may also see this in wood blinds, especially based on the color of the blinds that you got. Darker woods will see some discoloration, but white wood blinds could also turn into a yellow color that looks less than pleasing in a home.

Arjay’s Window Fashions is a place where you can find endless styles of window treatments. If you are ready to invest in some new window treatments, call our office and schedule an appointment with a member of our team. We can provide you with further information on what types of window treatments are out there and which styles will be most beneficial for your needs.

Make sure to check back in the next couple of days for a few other ways that you can determine if it’s time for you to invest in new window treatments! We want to do our best to ensure that you’re always aware of when it’s time to look into new window treatments, not only because they look great, but because the benefits that they offer is impossible to deny.
Stay tuned!

Plantation Shutters are Stealing Hearts

shutterWelcome to the Arjay’s Window Fashions blog post! We are excited to have you visiting, and we can only assume that it means you’re in the market for some new window treatments. As one of the leading providers of window coverings in Ventura, you can count on us to have tons of options to choose from. One of the styles that are commonly asked about are the plantation shutters that are quickly spreading in popularity. If that’s what you’re looking for, we have them! In the case that you’re not entirely sold on what this particular type of window treatment has to offer, we’re going to give you some of the reasons that we’ve fallen in love with this style of window covering.

A Classic Look

Something that most of our customers consider is whether or not the window treatment that they choose will work nicely in their home. Window treatments can complement your home, but they can also add too much flare that then makes them an accessory and something that will likely only be in style temporarily. For that reason, most customers will stick to classic blinds like mini blinds or wood blinds if they’re trying to get a little creative, but those don’t have to be the only option. Plantation shutters also offer a very classic look without making your windows look like the typical treatments that are found in hom
es. These window treatments offer texture, versatility, efficiency and all while leaving you with a look that won’t be difficult to work around.


One of the other reasons that people invest in window treatments is because of what they add to a room. While they can tie a space together, they can also contribute in the form of texture. Blinds offer some texture, but they’re pretty simple in the way that they sit. If the only texture that you’re enjoying is coming from the pleated structure that the mini blinds require, then it’s time to venture to other options and see what types of window treatments can provide different types of texture. One of the reasons that plantation shutters are so incredible is because of the three-dimensional structure that they’re built with. Since they are one of the thicker options to choose from, you get quite a bit of texture from this design. Aside from the dimension of the covering, you will also find texture in the slats of the shutters that layer up. Altogether, this is a quick and easy way to add quite a bit of texture to a room that might be lacking.

shutter2Extremely Efficient

Plantation shutters, because of how thick they are, provide a pretty incredible layer from the window to the room. That means that the level of efficiency that you are adding to your house is going to be a bit more than other window treatments would provide. If you’re looking for a way to make sure that a home with older windows can still maintain some sort of efficiency, plantation shutters are one of the thicker, more solidified options that you can choose from.

Easy to Pair

When the design element is your primary concern, then plantation shutters become a primary choice because of how easy they are to pair, while still contributing a feel to your room. Another design element that makes this window treatment so incredible is that they are easy to match with other forms of window treatments, like curtains. These two window treatments complement each other incredibly and add so much to any room that they’re in! This also leaves opportunity to have a basic and custom window treatment, but still offers the freedom to put your own styling options into the window treatments that you choose.

Plantation shutters aren’t just any window treatment, they are one of the most popular, but also beautiful, options that are on the market. If you are interested in adding plantation windows to your home, it’s time that you reach out to Arjay’s Window Fashions. We can provide you with all of the options that you need to find the perfect fit and answer any questions that you have. Call our office today for a consultation on your window treatments.