Unique Touches to Add to Your Drapes


Drapes are an incredibly popular window treatment. We have seen them incorporated into any room, each adding a different look. In fact, it’s probably because they are always able to offer a different look that they are so popular amongst people. With shades you are able to pick and choose different designs, textures, and colors so that you can perfectly fit the design of your home. This is something that you can’t do with any other window treatment, so it’s not uncommon to see the two paired when looking for a specific look and purposeful use. Here are a few of the ways that you can add a unique twist on your shades so that they have the exact look you’re hoping for.


There are certain drapes that will require you to put rings through them in order for them to be placed on the curtain rod. These are a great, and often affordable, way to add a unique touch to your drapes. If you have a theme, you can often find rings that will easily play into the design and provide an authentic look, while still being pretty subtle. Most drapes that you purchase will come with pretty standard rings, but you can easily find a variety of rings that better suit your style when you go to home improvement stores or any store that is going to offer those design add-ons.

Curtain Rod

We mentioned the curtain rod in our last point, but this is a huge opportunity for changing this and adding a unique touch to your window treatments. A standard curtain rod will always work, but there are plenty of rods with design implements added to them so that you can add an additional touch of styling to them. Whether it be in the color that you choose or the decorative touches at the end of the curtain rod, you will see that there is something unique to the look once it’s finally up and hanging.

Tie Back

If you are someone that loves having maximum amounts of natural light in your home, then a tieback will likely wind up being a part of your window treatment plan. This is easily one of the pieces that you can get most creative with because there are so many different opportunities available for ways that you can implement them.

The way that most are set up will incorporate two different pieces, one of them being a hook that is drilled into the wall, and the other will be the tie that allows for you to tie the drapes back. While normal sets will add a hook, people have definitely gotten creative and incorporated different styles and objects to add a special touch. For example, some people have used door knobs, small pipes, spoons, and all sorts of other objects to create original looks. As for the tie, people have definitely gotten creative. You can find beading, clips, rope, cloth, and all sorts of other concepts. If you’re short on ideas, check out Pinterest. There are tons to enjoy there.

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When to Consider Replacing Your Coverings


Home improvement, in itself, is a project that doesn’t ever really seem to end. There are so many things that constantly need to be done, and even when it feels like you’re getting a grip on the list, there is that one project that lingers in the back of your head that you know you should be working on. At Arjay’s Window Furnishings, window treatments are our specialties and we know that while they may not seem like a huge project because they’re never going to entirely stop serving their purpose, they do need to be replaced at some point in time.

These are some of the signs that you might recognize when it’s time for you to finally switch out the window treatments in your home.

Rule of Thumb

On average, most people will replace their window treatments every 7 or 8 years. This is usually about the time that progression has been made in regards to the styling and techniques of window finishings, and at this point in time any upgrade that you make with your window coverings will be an upgrade in aesthetics and energy efficiency. If you’re not entirely sure whether or not your window coverings have made it to this point, then the following things are worth taking into consideration before you commit to updating them.

Warped or Bent

One of the clearest signs that it’s time to replace your blinds will be physical signs of bent or warped parts. This is primarily the case with mini blinds, but can also be a huge part of other window coverings that you install in your home. If you have any creases in your window coverings, whether they be mini blinds or any of the shades that you pull down, you should consider getting them replaced. This can make it difficult to take advantage of energy efficiency, but can also completely take away the purpose of having window coverings at all.

They Don’t Work

When you install window fashions in your home, you invest in them so that they can provide coverage and control with natural light, but also so that they can increase the efficiency of your home. If you have blinds or window coverings that aren’t doing that, then it is beyond time to switch them out. Something that all creators of window coverings work to complete, at the very least, is have a fashion that will be efficient and get the job done.

At times this could be as easy as switching them out for a new set of blinds, but it could also serve as an opportunity to see what other types of fashions are available. There may be a new style that better suits your needs or one that better suits your aesthetic preferences. Regardless, being able to see what other options are out there and how they can provide you with more coverage, more control or higher levels of efficiency is always worth looking into.


We said it at the beginning, but 7 to 8 years is the standard amount of time that people will wait before having their window coverings changed. That may seem like a solid amount of time to wait in regards to making a purchase that big, but it is enough time for there to be some pretty big changes in the interior design world. When you look at your window coverings, do they seem outdated? Do they still hold the room together and allow for there to be a unique feel and style? If your window fashions aren’t contributing anything to your room, then it is at least worth looking into other styles and designs that you can choose from and see if they can provide you with anything more.

If you are thinking that it is time to look into some new window coverings, you can count on Arjay’s Window Fashions to have a wide selection for you to choose from. Are you interested in learning more about the options that are out there? Call our team and we can schedule a time for a consultation where we can show you options and give you a quote on adding these window fashions to your home.



What Honeycomb Shades Have to Offer You


If you are looking for a window treatment that is fashionable, energy efficient, customizable, and safe, honeycomb shades are an excellent option. Honeycomb shades are one of our most popular products here at Arjay’s, and we are happy to offer our customers the ability to customize these window treatments to their specifications. If you are interested in installing honeycomb shades in your windows, give us a call today. In the meantime, read this blog for more information on these unique and beneficial window treatments.

What are Honeycomb Shades?

Honeycomb shades are also known as cellular shades or light-filtering shades. Similar to an accordion, these shades are made of fabric and stack like on top of each other when drawn, but when you look at their sides, they look similar to a honeycomb. These unique shades are best known for their tiny built-in air pockets, which increase their energy efficiency and maximize their light-filtering properties. They come in a variety of types of fabric, sizes, and colors, making them fully customizable; it is even possible to get honeycomb shades that are completely hypoallergenic, blocking out allergens like dust and pollen from your home. There are many reasons to love honeycomb shades; read on for their benefits.

Benefits of Honeycomb Shades


Honeycomb shades are great for insulating your home, keeping it warm in winter and cool in summer. This is why they are so energy efficient; instead of wasting energy by allowing it to seep through your windows, honeycomb shades ensure that your heat or air conditioning stay indoors. This allows you to both reduce your carbon footprint and save money on your energy bills, making honeycomb shades a win-win window treatment.

Light and Sound Control

Another benefit of honeycomb shades is greater control of both light and sound. You can choose from a variety of fabrics for various levels of light-filtering. Some honeycomb shades range from slightly light-filtering to completely light-blocking, depending on which material you choose. This means that honeycomb shades are a good option whether you want to fill your dining room with soft natural sunlight or if you want to create a bedroom of total darkness while you sleep.

Additionally, honeycomb shades are excellent at blocking out sound. The air pockets in honeycomb shades absorb any noise from outside, ensuring that you don’t have to worry about any noise pollution in your home. Whether you live on a busy street with a lot of traffic or your neighbors like to throw parties, you can still find tranquility in your home.


If you are concerned about your privacy, whether due to large, open windows or nosy neighbors, honeycomb shades can do a lot to ease your mind. Honeycomb shades have long been used by photographers to have greater control over light, and this property can also aid you in ensuring privacy in your home. Your neighbors won’t even be able to see your silhouette through your new honeycomb shades, so you can rest assured that no one is able to peer into your windows and see anything.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Honeycomb shades come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and types of fabric, allowing you to decorate your home to your specifications without worrying about your blinds sticking out like a sore thumb. You can benefit from honeycomb shades’ convenience, light control, and energy efficiency benefits without compromising on the elegance of your home decor. You are also able to install honeycomb shades that are vertical traversing, top-down bottom-up, or top down. Additionally, honeycomb shades are easy to seamlessly hide, as they create a small stack that can be obscured by a decorative valance if necessary.


Honeycomb shades are also an affordable window treatment. Not only do these window treatments save you money in your energy bills, they are relatively inexpensive to install. Depending on your customizations, you can save quite a bit of money opting for honeycomb shades instead of other alternatives.

At Arjay’s, we are dedicated to providing you with the window treatments you need for your Ventura home, including honeycomb shades, as well as many others. Regardless of your preferred type of shade or drapery, you can completely customize your choice to your specifications when you choose to work with Arjay’s Window Fashions. If you are interested in benefiting from our services, contact us today!


Tips for Making Your Windows Look Bigger

When you are decorating your home, you may long for large picture windows with expansive views, but this is not a standard feature on every home. While you could hypothetically install larger windows with a remodel, this isn’t always a realistic option, whether due to the structure of your home or the budget of your family. However, if your home doesn’t have the big, wide windows of your dreams, it isn’t the end of the world; fortunately, there are plenty of ways to trick the eye into thinking a window is much bigger than it truly is. If you are looking for a way to make your small windows appear larger, read on for some simple tricks.


Add Height

You can make your windows look taller using window treatments. If your windows are short, you can make them look taller by hanging floor-length drapes or curtains near the ceiling, roughly two inches below the molding ideally. If the gap between the top of the window and the curtain rod appears awkwardly large, you can feel that empty space with a cornice board, lambrequin, or valance over the curtain, or by installing a shade underneath the curtain to cover the wall. If you add shades, install the top of them right below the rod, and then do not raise the bottom above the top edge of the window. If you go for cornice boards or lambrequins, avoid ones with straight bottoms.

Add Width

If the issue with your small window is that it is too narrow, the aim of your window treatments is to add width. Choose a curtain rod that is wider than the window and molding by about 60 to 80 percent. Use drawing curtains or drapes across the width of the entire space, or hang separate stationery panels to each side of the window. Each panel should go from the end of the rod to just past the edge of the window. Either way, this tricks the eye because it assumes that the width of the curtain covers more window, not the wall. You can emphasize the width of the window even more by topping the window with a straight-bottomed cornice board or valance.

Add Height and Width

If your window is both short and narrow, there are other ways you can make it look bigger. Start by installing a long rod near the top of the ceiling. From this rod, hang a floor-length drapery panel or curtain so that the leading edges slightly overlap the outer edge of the glass. If necessary, top these panels with a lambrequin, valance, or cornice board with either straight or curved bottoms in order to fill the excess wall space or simply to add some interesting decoration. If the panels do not close over the glass, you can add a fabric or woven shade for privacy.


Choose the Right Window Treatment Fabric

You can make a window look larger by strategically choosing the pattern and fabric of your window treatment. For example, if the window is short and you would like to make it look taller, opt for curtains that feature a vertical pattern. This does not necessarily mean you have to go for stripes; any pattern that will draw the eye up and down will create the illusion of length. If you have narrow windows you would like to appear wider, a horizontal pattern will have the opposite effect as a vertical pattern, drawing the eye from side to side instead of up and down, distracting from its narrow nature. If the window is both narrow and short, either a vertical pattern, a solid color, or a print with no obvious direction are the way to go.

You can also use placement to make your windows look wider. Make your shades, valances, cornice boards, or lambrequins out of the same fabric as your curtains or drapes, or use a pattern, color, or mini-print to add contrast.

At Arjay’s, we are proud to provide our customers with high-quality, gorgeous window treatments for their homes. Whether you wish to make your windows look taller, wider, or you like them just the way they are, there is a window treatment that is sure to please your eye. Shop our collection of window treatments here today!

When to Replace Your Mini Blinds – Part 2

blinds4In our last blog post, we touched on a few of the ways that you can recognize when it’s time to get your blinds replaced. While those particular signs are ways to see them, they aren’t the only ways that you will be able to recognize that your blinds need to be replaced. In our blog post today, we are going to touch on a few other signs that will present.

Worn Down Cords

When you have mini blinds, the cords that connect the different slats look fantastic, but they also keep your mini blinds compact and working as they’re intended to. The more that blinds are used, the more frayed they become, and definitely starts to show. When the cords that are connecting the slats of your blinds begin to fray, it’s a telling sign that you should start to shop for new window coverings so that your blinds don’t snap and need immediate replacement.

Out of Style

While it isn’t the most important reason that people invest in window coverings, the style factor that they contribute to a space does matter. If you haven’t replaced your window coverings in some time, chances are that they’re not providing you with as much efficiency as you could with new window coverings. This also gives you the opportunity to update the overall styling of your home.

Whether your blinds are broken or they’re simply out of style, you can count on Arjay’s Window Fashions to provide you with the high-quality window coverings that you need. Call in today and allow for us to set up a consultation with a member of our team. When you stop by our office in Ventura, you’ll see that we can help you find the perfect fit and learn more about what your needs are so that we can provide you with the best guidance that we can.