When you’re considering plantation shutters for your home or business, there are several things to consider when making your final decision. Here are some questions to ask to make sure you’re getting the perfect plantation shutters for your windows.

Plantation Shutters

1. What kind of wood are they constructed from?

Popular options include poplar, a lightweight wood with straight, smooth grain, oak , a heavier wood with a strong grain and lots of character and a variety of hardwoods.

2. Do I want wood or poly shutters?

Wood is lighter and stronger than faux wood plantation shutters, so they can be larger, up to about three feet wide. Fewer panels means a better view. Wood shutters can be painted or stained to match existing trim, while poly shutters come in white and off-white, requiring plastic paint to change color.

3. What size louver do you need?

Most shutters are purchased with 3 ½” louvers, but there has been a rising demand for 4 ½” louvers. This is because larger windows and sliding glass doors, open floor plans and modern design work better with larger louvers.

4. Do I need a midrail?

A midrail allows the louvers above and below that point to open and close independently. You can open one for light and leave the other closed for privacy. It also hides dark metal window casings.

5. Can I get shutters without the vertical tilt board visible?

Hidden tilt shutters are a great option. A slender metal bar on the back of the shutters control them, creating a different appearance and allowing more light through.

6. Will shutters work with a sliding glass door?

Absolutely! The panels are installed in a track in the slider opening, so they panels slide to open and close. There’s also options for adding a lower track to increase stability and an open louver bypass, allowing you to move the panels despite the louvers being open.

7. How expensive are they?

Like so many things, it depends. How large is the window you’re covering? Do you want specific options? All these items tie into the total cost.

8. How long do they take to arrive?

It will depend on whether there are shutters already available in the size you need or if they must be special ordered. A sales representative will take your window measurements and can give you a better idea of the timeline.

9. Should I use wood or poly in a garage or bathroom?

Many people choose poly for these areas because of the excessive moisture and humidity. If you’re looking at a window in a shower, you should stick with poly to avoid swelling and rotting wood.

10. Are they American-made?

Buying products made in the USA helps support our economy.

Now that you know what to look for, make an appointment for a consultation or check out a showroom to find the perfect shutters Calabasas homes need.

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