The drapes you choose for your home are a great place to create a sense of mystique, opens your home up to the outdoors without sacrificing privacy and helps compliment the rest of your interior design scheme. Here are ten awesome ideas.

Drapes thousand oak

1. Bad view?

Make the curtains exciting. We’ve all seen places that just don’t have a view, so make up for it with curtains or even stationary drapes that are more exciting than the view.

2. Use the pattern elsewhere in the room.

When dealing with a neutral room, integrate the patterns and colors in the curtains into other places in the room. Whether it’s adding design elements on the coffee table, an amazing rug or throw pillows, matching your decor’s colors and patterns pulls the room together.

3. Make it like an onion.

Onions have layers, and layering window treatments, such as plantation shutters behind your bold draperies, gives you awesome control over the room’s light and privacy. You can completely change the look by opening or closing the drapes.

4. Create space division.

Is your open floor plan a little too open? Draperies aren’t just for windows anymore, they can also be used to create a visual separation between spaces in a room.

5. Long, tall and handsome.

When dealing with floor-to-ceiling windows, consider the effect the draperies will have. For tall, narrow windows, try curtains that are simple and go from the rod at the ceiling to the floor below in a dramatic fall.

6. Enclose your outdoor space

Investing in curtains that separate an area of your porch, balcony or other outdoor area is a great way to create a private room in the great outdoors.

7. Add color.

Using fabrics in a new color from the same palette in a room is a great way to add a splash of color without having to worry about it becoming too much for your design.

8. Aim high.

Though some curtains can’t work without a decorative top or rod, you can add height to a short room by taking a simple rod and long curtains all the way to the molding or ceiling. This makes your windows look larger and the room taller without clashing with other features.

9. Sheer light.

If the room has many windows or sliding doors, you may want to soften the light or provide privacy. A wall of sheer curtains helps ease the light and keep prying eyes out.

10. Multi-curtain it.

If you want daylight, style and privacy, using two curtains on the same rod – one sheer, one solid – does a great job of meeting all these needs.

With these ideas in mind, it’s time to find the perfect drapes Thousand Oaks homeowners need to create a stylish new look for their home. Check out a showroom or do some browsing to find the perfect classic draperies to meet your needs.

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