When you’re stuck in the real estate game, it can seem like prospective buyers either aren’t acting quickly enough or want to negotiate a price too low to be acceptable. Can new drapes make Thousand Oaks homes sell faster or at a higher price? Absolutely!

Making a Higher Price Seem More Reasonable

One way to approach getting a higher price or faster sale for your home is making the asking price seem more reasonable. This can be accomplished in a number of ways, including providing maintenance records, funding a home warranty and making updates to modernize the home’s appearance by changing window treatments for a fresh, new look. By providing these services prior to the sale, the prospective buyer can rationalize a higher home price by knowing they will pay less in immediate costs on the home.

Staging the Home to Ensure More Interest

Appearances are so important in preparing a home for sale! By making your home more desirable to prospective buyers, you can create some amount of bidding tension to create a sense of urgency. This often results in prospective buyers acting more quickly and being willing to spend more money to ensure that they end up with your home at closing time. One way to do this is to stage your home to make it more inviting. Update any worn or outdated window treatments with shutters, blinds, curtains and drapes, Thousand Oaks homebuyers would like to see in their new home.

Let the Luxury and Light Shine In

You can also add luxury automated home touches, such as motorized shades and blinds to open and close at particular times, which will help set your home apart from the competition. Open curtains and drapes fully during showings to allow more light into the home, making it seem lighter and more open. Try to stick with relatively neutral colors on walls and window drapery while providing brighter or darker colors in furniture, decorative pieces and accessories. Prospective buyers will want to do minimal work before moving in, so avoid more permanent changes such as trendy colors that they may feel will need changing before they can move in.

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