shutterimgblogShutters are a beautiful window treatment, and one of our favorite to add to homes. While they are one of the more classic looks, some people feel that they are one of the more outdated additions that could be made to a house. If you have considered adding shutters to your home, even for the slightest amount of time, don’t let the thought that it will look outdated stop you. There are plenty of reasons that this is a classic window treatment, and at Arjay’s Window Fashions in Ventura, we can’t help but support them.

They Look Great

This is one of the more classic looks of a home, in fact some people immediately think that this look could be tied to an older farm house style, but the fact of the matter is that shutters look great. Not only do they add a unique touch to a room, but they offer much more character than other forms of window coverage. If you aren’t sure that this is actually the case, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised to hear that a home with shutters can actually increase the value of the house.

Quick & Easy to Clean

If you’ve ever dusted blinds, then you know how big of a pain they are to keep clean. From the soft material that they’re made of to the amount of dust that accumulates, it’s nearly impossible to actually get the buildup of dust off of your blinds. Most of the time when we do clean our blinds, we wind up smudging the dust so that a nice streak is made. One of the benefits about shutters is that this problem is eliminated. While they do have a similar open and closing technique, the difference in material makes it much easier to clean shutters than blinds. And while we’re covering it, they’re also much easier to clean than having to wash curtains too.

They’re Sturdy

One of the reasons that shutters look so high quality is because they are made from incredibly durable materials. This may not seem like something that you really need to take into consideration when you could just pick a thick curtain instead, but in all reality, the durability and thickness of shutters is something that you can count on looking high quality through and through. Aside from that, this is a look that is fairly easy to combine with any theme or general design.

Shutters are Thicker

With the exception of blackout curtains, most window treatments aren’t all that thick. This means that for the most part, it’s pretty easy for the sunlight to make their way through these different materials. That leaves your rooms full of sunshine first thing in the morning, and can leave awkward glares on screens and throughout your house. Having a treatment that is thicker than your standard blinds or curtains will keep the sun out of your rooms so that you can enjoy a dark space. Sometimes people try to do this by doubling up blinds with curtains, but the truth is that this is just double the amount of treatments for something that could be done with just one set of shutters.

At Arjay’s Window Fashions, we do our best to provide you with the information that you need to choose the absolute best window treatment for your home. If you would like to know more about shutters or see what some of the shutters we have look like, stop by and allow for us to review the products that we can provide you with. We are more than happy to get you squared away with high quality shutters throughout your home.

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