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If you’re trying to go green in your home decor, you many have considered bamboo. When it comes to these earth-friendly curtains and blinds Thousand Oaks homeowners often have many questions. Here are the top 5 questions asked about bamboo blinds and curtains and the answers you’ve been looking for:

Top 5 Questions About Bamboo Blinds and Curtains

  1. Do roll ups bamboo shades hang from a curtain rod or are they installed them on the wall? You can do either. For windows that either don’t have any trim molding or relatively flat molding, there isn’t anything in the way of hanging them on the wall, but make sure you order them slightly larger than the window. If you decide to mount your shades on the inside of the window because of trim issues or to keep them out of the way, remember to measure your windows carefully to get the exact measurement and, if needed, to have the shade custom cut to your needed dimensions.
  2. If you have a single wide window or a set of several windows, do you hang one bamboo blind or a number of them? It really depends on your situation. If you have a couple windows together, you can put one wide blind over the entire thing without too much trouble, but if it’s a long run of windows or a very large window, you may want to hang multiple sets to make it easier to hang them and to control light over different parts of the room.
  3. Do bamboo blinds or curtains provide real privacy? If you’re worried about privacy with bamboo blinds Santa Barbara residents often enjoy the appearance of bamboo curtains with a liner that provides true privacy. Unlined curtains will provide more light, but they can just barely be peeked through, enough to make some homeowners uncomfortable.
  4. Do bamboo blinds roll or fold up? It depends on the specific type that you select. Some bamboo blinds that have wider slats are available that fold up in a fashion similar to Roman shades or other options include blinds with narrower slats that roll up in a fashion similar to a regular roller shade.
  5. Do bamboo curtains or blinds have cords? Different manufacturers offer different options in terms of controls for your bamboo curtains or blinds. Some have loop cords, which are strongly discouraged in households with pets or small children, while others offer split cords or even cordless options if you have concerns of this nature.

When it comes to bamboo blinds Calabasas homeowners often find it helpful to schedule an in-home consultation or showroom appointment to view all the options that are available before making a final choice. Call to schedule one today or stop by the showroom to see what’s available that meets your green living needs.

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