Energy-efficiency seems to be all the rage for home remodelers and decorators today. The trend, however, is not all about practicality, since you can merge energy-efficiency with style in renovating your home or doing repairs. Not only can you make your home greener and minimize utility costs, but you can make it prettier at the same time.

Window Coverings

Among other parts of the home, pay attention to your windows, especially if your house has a lot of them. Aside from caulking and weather-stripping your windows, HGTV suggests another simple and fairly affordable way to improve the energy-efficiency of your home: adding window treatments.

Installing window coverings throughout a home will minimize the escape of heat and cut down on the use of electricity.

  • The most energy-efficient treatments feature honeycomb construction.
  • Louvered shutters come in three styles: Cafe, plantation and sliding.
  • Roller shades can be controlled with a chain or an electrical light switch.
  • Window treatments protect rugs, paintings and furniture fabrics from fading caused by sun exposure.
  • West-facing windows admit the hottest light and need the most coverage.
  • South-facing windows are the most important natural light source and need only light coverage.
  • It’s best to have a professional measure your windows for custom treatments.

Generally, there are three things that window coverings do: absorb heat to protect the glass of the window and your home, reflect the heat away from the indoors, and prevent heat loss in a temperature-controlled room. The first one is usually done through exterior coverings (e.g. awnings and exterior shutters), while the latter two are ensured through interior treatments (e.g. draperies and interior blinds).

The design of the window covering, installation, and strategic use all play into its effectivity in insulating a home. The color of draperies or the material of shades, for instance, can dictate how much heat they block, reflect, or absorb. It would be best to find experts who can help you pick the right window coverings for your home, to mount them correctly, and to inform you on how to use them properly.

No matter how simple or elaborate you want your home improvement to be, providers of Thousand Oaks energy efficient window treatments like Arjay’s Window Fashions are sure to have something to suit your budget and needs. Choose from manual and motorized options that would help you conserve energy in your home and improve its chic, cozy look.

(Source: Tips for Energy-Saving Window Coverings, HGTV)

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