What makes window draperies different than other forms of window treatment? They have a lot in common with curtains, but use different fabric types, are usually lined, utilize different sewing techniques and have different applications including controlling temperature and light levels in a room. Let’s take a look at the specific details of what makes draperies unique.

Draperies, like curtains, are sold in panels and used on rods, but unlike curtains use heavier and more elaborate fabric, incorporate linings that can provide insulating or light-controlling aspects, have different top treatments like pleating and use a traverse rod with a string mechanism that allows them to be manipulated more easily. They are typically much grander and are used in formal rooms like dining rooms, parlors or a master bedroom to create a richer appearance.

Draperies are used to help repair problem areas in a home. Insulating draperies can be used to block cold drafts in rooms with leaky windows or historical homes with drafty walls. Overly bright rooms can often be remedied using draperies, as they can use light-blocking linings to reduce the amount of light passing through them. Overly warm rooms do great with draperies that block solar radiation or insulate linings that keep the heat out and the air conditioning comfortable on a southern exposure.

Where to Avoid Draperies
There are a few places to avoid draperies. Rooms where they can get wet, such as kitchens and bathrooms, are a bad bet for draperies, as they can be difficult to clean. For this reason, they can also be poor choices children’s room and family rooms. Areas you want to keep less formal within your home may do better with different window treatments.

Now that you know a little more about window drapery, consider areas you can use them to improve your home’s appearance!

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