From time to time, we’re reminded that not everyone is fully aware of the benefits of custom blinds. Occasionally, we’ll get a call or request for quote from someone who just bought a house and is responsible for finding window coverings for the very first time. When said quote is provided, the individual on the other end of the phone call or email is sometimes very taken aback by the cost of custom blinds and installation.

If you’re finding yourself on the fence about custom blinds, wondering whether or not they’re worthy the slightly elevated cost, this blog post is for you. We realize that the upfront price can catch some people off guard, but it’s important to see blinds and window treatments not just as decorations, but as long-term investments in the value and function of your home.

Keep reading to discover some of the advantages that can only be provided by custom blinds installed by the pros at Arjay’s, then contact us to schedule your FREE consultation appointment!

Advantages Of Custom Blinds And Window Treatments

When you decide to install custom window treatments from Arjay’s, it’s a very different experience than simply picking up boxed blinds or curtains from the local retail store. We aim to provide each one of our customers with a customized experience that allows them to proceed with confidence throughout the entire process. Ultimately, we want your home to be more beautiful and comfortable than you ever expected, thanks to our window treatments.

  1. Cut Perfectly – Unlike the standard sizes you’ll find at Home Depot or Lowe’s, the custom blinds we provide here at Arjay’s are measured and cut to fit perfectly in each one of your windows, no matter what their size or shape. This is especially important in older homes that may have had windows installed before sizes were standardized. Never again find yourself traveling back and forth between the store and your home, because you purchased the wrong size blinds for the windows you need to cover.
  2. Customizable Fabrics – When you choose custom drapes and window treatments from Arjay’s, you’ll have a fully array of customizable fabrics at your fingertips. No longer will you be limited to the three choices offered at the big box stores. Instead, you can choose from fabrics that blend perfectly with your room’s decor. Looking for an exotic or earthy touch? We’ve got exactly what you need.
  3. Reflective Of Your Individual Style – Window treatments and blinds are the functional finishing touches that really tie a room together. Sure, you could go to the store and pick up blinds and curtains that are identical to those hung by thousands of other people in Ventura. Or, you could use Arjay’s to choose custom blinds and window treatments that truly encompass your vision for a comfortable home.

Remember, Custom Window Treatments Improve Your Home’s Value!

Still not convinced that custom blinds are worth the investment? You’re probably forgetting a few of the advantages we’ve addressed in previous blogs. These include saving money on your energy bills and protecting furniture and rugs from premature aging by the sun!

Shop Arjay’s right here online or come into our Ventura showroom to learn more.

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