Window Treatments for Skylights and High Windows? It is Easier than You Think

Installing skylights and high windows can add an amazing amount of natural light to your home. However, you may notice that these windows are harder to keep covered without some advance planning. By adding the right window treatments, from awnings to shutters in Malibu, you can enjoy the sunlight when you want, and easily deflect […]

Does Your Deck Need a Little Privacy? Get it by Motorized Awnings

When you build a deck, you plan for years of wonderful enjoyment outside on your property. You may not plan for the expectation of privacy, but sooner or later, you will realize that you need it. You also need a way to protect yourself from the heat and damaging ultraviolet rays of the sun. Thankfully, […]

Ocean-Front House Exterior Window Awning: Motorized or Manual?

If you are looking for a way to make an outdoor space in your ocean-front house more versatile and attractive in the summer, the best solution is to consider adding a good-quality awning. However, if you also want the ability to remove the awning, a retractable awning will do the job perfectly. Ocean-front homes have […]

Protect Your Skin and Beat the Heat With Retractable Awnings

The spring is starting to heat up, and it is going to be a scorcher this year. You already know how uncomfortable it is to sit outside with the undiminished sun beating down on you. But, you may not fully realize the damage you do to your body when you bake in the heat, day […]

How Reliable Are Exterior Fabric Awnings?

When people set out to buy awnings for their yards, they want to find a material that they can trust to stand up to the weather and last for years to come. Since the material will be outside, it will be exposed to moisture, wind, and sun on a regular basis. Material that is not […]

What are the Benefits of Exterior Awning and Solar Shades for Pets?

Summer ushers in a wonderful time to enjoy outdoor activities, and as your backyard becomes the center of fun for your family, you realize that shade is as vital in the summer as shelter is in the winter. By providing shady spots adjacent to your home, or in your garden, you can extend the usefulness […]

What are the Year Round Benefits of Retractable Awnings?

Do you enjoy sitting outside on your deck or patio year round as you enjoy the sunny California weather? Retractable awnings ensure you can take advantage of the sunshine every day of the year. They expand your outdoor living space and are the perfect addition to your home. Learn more about the five year round […]

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