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If you’re a new homeowner or have decided it’s time to remodel and breathe new life into your space, one of the first places that you will probably want to design is the bedroom. This is your sanctuary, where you will be sleeping, working, thinking and relaxing. One of the most essential and aesthetically pleasing elements of your bedroom are the windows.

Window treatments come in a variety of styles and customizable colors, ready to add variety into your surroundings and:

A great design scheme can come to fruition with the right window treatment lending inspiration. Here are couple of ideas:


Curtains have a certain elegance without being too formal but offer a great starting point for your design scheme. The most common, they are available in a variety of fabrics, colors and lengths. Curtains hang from rods that range from simple to beautiful decorative pieces and have many options. You can hang them from floor-to-ceiling, have puddles on the floor, use tie-backs and more.


Drapes have the same function as curtains, but are usually more formal and dramatic. They are made of heavier fabric and are usually lined to darken and provide warmth within the room. Drapes come pleated or straight and have traverse rod attachments for quick opening and closing solutions.


Sheers are an added decorative piece that flow between curtains and drapes but are becoming very popular as window treatments of their own. Very transparent, they are available in an abundance of colors and mostly used to add light.


Blinds come in a variety of styles and textures. Cloth, wood grain, woven shades and PVC are always popular options. Then you have horizontal or vertical choices in light-filtering or darkening options. The best part of blinds – you can incorporate with other window treatments like sheers or curtains to create a completely different effect.


The valance adds that simple but stylish touch to a window. They are used with or curtains, drapes and blinds but can easily stand alone. A valance hides the mounting hardware providing a polished look over your window. Simple or elegant, they can be draped over rods, pleated, straight, arched and more. A valance is a quick, decorative option.

Don’t forget color! Pops of color can brighten or create a calming effect. Small accents such as customized ribbon or hardware can go a long way in making a design statement. Automated shutters and roller shades are a hot trend now, and can save you time and money over time. Gathering inspiration from design resources can help you decide what would be best for you. Arjay’s design specialists are always ready to assist with helping develop a window treatment plan that would work well within your bedroom, offering a variety of green options. Contact their showroom today!

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