treatA home is no small investment that you make, it’s one that you literally live with for quite some time. Aside from that, it requires quite a bit of money, upkeep and works in order for it to be the sanctuary that you always hoped. While the exterior of your home can look plenty beautiful, it’s the inside that becomes a safe space for you and your family, and that’s the space where you really have the ability to make your house, a home. One of the ways that people add a touch of flare to their homes is through window treatments, and Arjay’s Window Fashions is where they go.

Window coverings come in plenty of styles, fits, and designs, but they all provide quite a bit of your home. There are plenty of reasons that people choose different designs, but for the most part, each type of window treatment provides a basis of benefits to the home. Here are just a couple of the benefits that you see when you add some form of window treatment to your home.

Protection of Furniture

One of the primary reasons that people wind up having window treatments installed in their home is because of the protection that it provides the interior of the home with. This is primarily in regards to furniture, but can also relate to painting, flooring and more. When UV rays make their way through the untreated glass into your home, they can cause your furniture to quickly fade, leaving it looking worn and just plain old. When you add window treatments, you are given the opportunity to not only protect your furniture but compliment it. With how many different types of window treatments you are able to choose from, there are plenty of options that you are able to select in order to create an incredible flow through your house.

While it may not seem like this addition is something that will make a huge difference, you will notice that the more window treatments that you have throughout your house, the longer that your furniture and interior of your home as a whole, will look great. This makes it easier to sell your house later on down the road and can minimize the consistency with which you have to buy new furniture.

treat2Increase Efficiency

One of the primary reasons that people have window treatments installed in their homes is to increase efficiency in a home. With the fingerprint, we’re leaving on the planet being a primary concern, and our overall consumption of energy on the prowl, finding ways to maintain energy is something that everyone is trying to do. Window treatments can contribute greatly to the amount of energy that you’re saving, and with how many different options you are able to choose from, there are so many ways that you can make all of the windows in your home, efficient.

What’s great about window treatments offering an increase in energy efficiency is that you are able to choose what type of window covering you’d like to have installed, and can feel confident in whatever type of covering choose, to provide you with more efficiency. What we mean here is that, blinds provide the same efficiency as curtains, so you’re really able to mix and match as you see fit throughout your home, and still enjoy the energy savings.

You’ll notice the savings most during the months where temperatures change drastically, so the cooler and warmer months here in Ventura. This change, again, might seem like something small, but once you see your electric bill slowly starting to decrease in cost, you’ll realize just how beneficial this one little thing that you were able to do, has been.

Arjay’s Window Fashions offers a wide selection of window coverings and treatments that you can include in your house. Stop by our showroom today and allow for our team of professionals to help provide you with guidance on finding the right style for your home. We are more than happy to help and can work around any scenario. Make sure to check back for a blog later this week that will cover additional reasons that window treatments are so incredibly beneficial.

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