Your Ventura windows aren’t just a way to look out into the world, they keep the world for looking at you. One of the main benefits of having a home of one’s own is that you get to have full freedom to decorate the way you wish. But besides getting your home to look good and express your personality, it is important to consider your privacy and energy efficiency for your windows in Ventura. Stenciled window treatments is one good way to achieve all these goals.

kitchen window treatments

Taking a second look at roller shades

Vinyl roller shades are among the most economical window treatments available and have some great features.

Stenciling Options

In the kitchen, many people like having curtains with patterns in order to add texture to the room. Applying stencils to roller shades can have a similar effect at a lower cost. Stenciling window treatments is easier than most people might think, and it leaves behind a stylish look that is unlikely to be duplicated by any of the neighbors.  Your Ventura windows sit at eye level and make an immediate impact, so it is important to work them in with other decor in the room. You can modify them yourself in order to reduce costs and give yourself more privacy.

Materials to Begin

Those who are less experienced in craft projects may also want a piece of poster board to practice on before fully committing to a design.

Creating Your Design

Be careful not to use too much paint on your stencils. You can always go over the design later for a more solid look. Working around the edges of the middle, line up the stencils to create your design. The edges of the shade may require that you use just a portion of the stencil.

The painted shades add an extra thickness that will give you more privacy with a semi-translucent shade, but since there are spaces between the stencils, you’ll still have the advantage of light in the window. If painted roller shades still sounds too ambitious for your windows in Ventura, another option is a stick on monogram that will still add a lot of character to your window treatments. With stenciled window treatments, Ventura windows make a real fashion statement in your home.

To avoid the hassle of making your own stenciled window and giving it an average ‘do it yourself’ look, you should consider hiring a professional service like Arjay’s Window Fashion who will help you to install window treatments of your choice professionally.

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