When motorized blinds first appeared on the window treatment market, they felt like something from the future. At first, they were something that you only found in very high-end homes. Today, though, that’s completely changed. You’ll find motorized blinds in homes of all shapes and sizes across the country, and they’ve become a must-have item along with other home automation. So what are some of the best uses for motorized blinds in your home?

Windows high-up on the wall.

A lot of newer homes are built with cathedral-style ceilings in the foyer, family room, or other areas of the home. Home builders often put windows in the upper reaches of the walls stretching to meet the cathedral ceiling. It’s a great way to let in lots of wonderful natural light and make sure those high ceilings don’t get dark. Unfortunately, though, when the windows are that high up they are more difficult to cover up when needed. The glare from those windows might impact your television viewing or other activities in your home. Or you just might not want that much light coming in all the time. Whatever the reasons, it’s unsightly, inconvenient, and even hazardous to have a long cord trailing down the wall so you can open and close your blinds. That’s where motorized blinds come in. Once they are installed, you’ll be able to open and close the blinds on those high-up windows with the simple press of a button.

In children’s rooms.

We love the idea of putting motorized blinds in a child’s room. There are a number of reasons for this, not the least of which is safety. Childcare experts have long warned parents about the dangers of cords from their blinds hanging down where children can reach them. These are especially dangerous in and around a child’s bed. Children can become tangled in the cords and end up choking themselves. It’s a horrific and avoidable problem when you have the right window treatments. Motorized blinds allow you to open and close the blinds with no cords necessary. Plus, you can raise and lower the blinds without stepping into the child’s room, a benefit for parents of light sleepers.

In senior’s homes.

As seniors become older, it can get more difficult for them to do things on their own. Anything you can do to help them maintain their independence is a welcome addition to their home. Motorized blinds can be an ideal solution for their window treatments. Instead of struggling with heavy blinds and difficult cords they can simply push a button and let in as much or as little light as they wish. This can help prevent injuries, too, as they don’t have to fight with their blinds and aren’t tempted to get on a ladder to fix broken cords. Arjay’s can add motorized blinds to virtually any window in their home, and it costs less than you might expect.

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