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The hospitality and hotel industry has unique needs when it comes to window treatments. Unlike a home, guests staying at a hotel may use their rooms as bedrooms, dining rooms and office space while staying there. With such a wide range of use of each room, the hotel needs window treatments that can assist with those goals. Additionally, hotels want to provide a comfortable and attractive place for their guests to relax in and complete privacy during their stay. Most hotel chains use a combination of window treatments to fulfill all of these varied needs.

During the Day

During the day, the window treatments for hotels in a hotel room need to let in light and provide privacy. They also need to protect the hotel’s investment in furniture, carpeting and bedding. Guests often use their rooms as a temporary office which means that lighting the room properly is important. Older hotels use sheer draperies to cover windows during the day, however many newer hotels are using solar blinds for this purpose. Solar blinds offer privacy while keeping out the sun’s harmful rays and nosy neighbors. They have a sheer look, but are more modern in style than sheer curtains.

During the Night

At night, hotel guests still want privacy; however their primary use for the hotel room is to get some sleep to prepare for the next day. Many older hotels have a second set of drapes to block out the light from outdoors. These drapes are coated on the exterior side to keep the light out and also insulate the room. More modern hotels are moving to a blackout shade to block light from the room. You can also use blackout shades during the daytime if you need a dark room to sleep.

Public Rooms

In common areas, such as the lobby or workout rooms, many hotels have started using solar shades to keep the rooms comfortable by blocking heat and UV light from the indoors. These shades allow natural light to filter into these larger rooms which makes them more welcoming and friendly to guests. Solar shades can be manufactured to custom specifications for extremely large window spaces.

Layering Shades/Curtains

It is quite common for hotels to layer their window treatments. For instance, a hotel room may have a layer of sheer window treatments, covered by a blackout shade and then a third set of curtains, valances or other decorative window treatments for decor style. The top curtain will match the style and decor from the room, and help mute sounds. It is the inside layers of shades or curtains that do bulk of the work maintaining privacy and blocking out light.

Reducing Glare

Another purpose for window treatment for hotel is to help make a comfortable working environment for the staff. Solar shades or sheer curtains help diffuse the glare from outdoor light which can play havoc with computer screens or strain eyes during a long work day. The reflective surface of a computer can be a nuisance when a staff member is checking in a guest.

Arjay’s window treatment department has experienced staff that will be happy to answer any questions about window shades or curtains that will work for your hotel, office or home. Discuss your needs with them so that they can recommend the best possible selection for you.

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