Window Blinds

Window blinds are louvered window treatments that “direct” light and provide a level of control. This cannot be duplicated by any other window treatment. Blinds give you the tools to control, direct, and design with light to create exceptional living spaces.

Window blinds come in vertical and horizontal designs. Horizontal blinds control direct sunlight when the louvers cross-shade each other while the sun is high in the sky. Think of walking outside on a sunny day and placing your outstretched hand over your eyes to shade them, and then consider each horizontal louver on a blind shading the louver directly beneath it – one louver shading the next and the next and so on. Vertical louvers provide shade following the same cross-shading principle as horizontal louvers, but they perform their magic as the sun moves from side-to-side.

Take a moment and look at the various types of horizontal and vertical louvered window blinds in our site and learn how you can direct light, make your home more beautiful, and enhance the overall character of where you live. Mini blinds, Roman blinds, faux wood blinds, wood blinds, vertical blinds and more … you will find any blind you are looking for right here!

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