For those who live in sunny Southern California, protecting themselves from the sun’s damaging UV rays is a big priority. Exposure to the sun can occur both indoors and outside. After a few hours on the beach, lathered in sunscreen to protect themselves from the sun, many notice that there is still a lot of sun coming in through the windows. This may lead them to wonder if they can get a sunburn in their house. Generally, the answer is no, but that doesn’t leave them off the hook. The type of UV rays that penetrate windows don’t cause sunburn, but they can cause plenty of damage.

window shades to control sun damage

Understanding UV Rays

There are two kinds of UV Rays; UVA Rays and UVB Rays. Of the two types, UVBs cause the most concern, these rays can get very strong in the summer, especially in sunny locations like Southern California, They are the rays that cause sunburn and are responsible for the majority of skin cancer. Think “UV- burn.”  Fortunately, going indoors will keep actual sunburn at bay, even if there are glass walls or a lot of untreated windows,

The other kind of UV Rays, UVA Rays do make their way through glass, and they can cause damage to the skin, including age spots, wrinkling, leathery skin, tans, and some skin cancer. It hasn’t always been known how damaging UVA Rays can actually be, Because they were thought to be “safer” tanning beds have been made using UVA Rays, One study found that those who used tanning beds before the age of 30 saw a 75% jump in their risk of skin cancer.  UVA rays actually dig deeper into the skin’s surface and can cause cell damage.

Whether it is sunny, cloudy, raining, or even snowing UVA Rays keep on shining indoors and out, In addition to skin damage that can be fought off to some extent with some sunscreens. UVA rays can also fade furnishings and carpets inside your home. Clear glass lets in 62.8% of UVA rays, Sunscreen really isn’t a valid option here, but window shades are.

Options in Window Shades

Some people think of window shades and picture old school white window shades that are hard to control. Most people who have used them are on a tight budget, and many vow that they are temporary until they can afford better window treatments. But many Simi Valley window shades are actually quite nice.

1. Roller Shades

Today’s roller shades are actually quite nice, they are made from a variety of materials that have undergone testing from the Department of Energy, the Environmental Protection Agency and various independent laboratories. They are a great choice from a fashion and budgetary standpoint, and are effective in preventing solar damage. They are popular in both indoor and outdoor areas. They are also space savers and are great for sliding glass doors. Roller shades can be controlled manually, but motorized controls are available as well.

2. Natural Woven Shades

These Simi Valley natural window shades are made from natural materials, such as various grasses, wood, and bamboo and make homes feel warm without getting too warm. Many like the earthy feel they give off, and they definitely reduce sun damage. Some are lined with fabric and have the ability to darken rooms completely.

3. Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb shades are made up of several small cells resembling honeycombs. Because the shades are thicker, they not only shield rooms and the people in them from light and UVA rays, but they also provide an extra layer of insulation that helps keep out the summer heat and winter cold.

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