Choosing the Size and Style of Cellular Blinds

Cellular blinds have become very popular due to their style and the fact that they have the ability to block not only light but also heat, cold, and sound. These blinds, commonly known as Honeycomb shades can help reduce utility bills and can increase the feeling of overall privacy in the home where they are […]

Window Treatments: How to Cover Windows above a Radiator

Covering windows above a radiator can be a bit tricky. The heat emitted from the radiator can affect some window coverings, and it is important not to block the heating unit. Radiators also take up a lot of space near the floor which makes hanging curtains more difficult. Here are some tips to help you […]

How Cellular Shades are Made?

Cellular shades have become popular window treatments because they filter out harsh light while allowing in muted light. Additionally, they are lightweight vertical shades that can be adjusted to hang at any level on your windows. Cellular shades are contemporary in style and can be custom-made for any window size. They are helpful in insulating […]

Everything You Want to Know About Two Tone Cellular Window Shades

While there are many different types of window shades available with different advantages and disadvantages, there are many who are taking a serious look at two tone cellular shades for the first time. These shades add texture to a room. Some have resisted cellular, or honeycomb shades because they don’t like the “pleated paper” look […]

Single Cell Vs Double Cellular Shade INFOGRAPHIC

You just bought a new house? Now the next step is giving the house a look you want. You have to decide on number of things like paint, countertops, furniture, cabinets, windows etc the list is unending. These changes surely take a toll but the easiest of all is giving a modern look to the […]

What Really are Cellular Shades and Pleated Shades?

Customers looking for window shades often find that the options are endless. Each of the variety of types of styles has benefits and drawbacks to be considered. Two of the most common choices are pleated shades and cellular shades. From the front, these shades might look the same, so customers might wonder what they should […]

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