Sunrooms are awesome, light-filled places to spend your leisure time – except when they’re a little too light-filled. You want to maintain that open, airy feeling to it, but how do you manage to keep it from turning into an oven? Here are some great window treatment  ideas that will limit the light without ruining the clean lines of your sunroom.

malibu blinds


If you’ve got a great sunroom in Malibu blinds may be an awesome choice to keep your sunroom from being blindingly bright. Whatever type you’re considering, blinds help you direct and limit the light in your sunroom.


When it comes to shutters Malibu bungalows and cottages have some great options available, especially if you’re trying to maintain that vintage feel to your decor. Shutters can provide excellent privacy and light control.


A great option if you don’t want to break up your view and retain the cleanest possible lines is installing film. Whether it’s a reflective film to keep UV, glare and solar heat gain to a minimum or new switchable smart film that can be changed from clear to opaque, film is an awesome option for your sunroom.


Whether your preference is for Roman, rolling or honeycomb, shades provide a great option for sunrooms. Keep them down and prevent solar heat gain and glare during the hot seasons and be able to get them out of the way quickly to enjoy your clean view without changing your sunroom’s lines very much.

Exterior Shading

With exterior shading, you can take your options outside. Exterior shades mount on the outside of your home, giving you a great option if you like the privacy of shades but don’t want them in the way of your windows.


Of course, with many of our sunroom shading products, motorization and home automation is a good possibility. If you want your sunroom shaded during the hottest parts of the day, installing a motorized system for indoor or exterior shades, blinds or shutters will help automate the process instead of requiring you to manually open and close them.

Now that you’ve had an opportunity to examine different options available for your sunroom, why not take the next step? Schedule an appointment with a sales representative at a local showroom and see how your wonderful sunroom can be even lovelier

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