We love vertical blinds because they make rooms seem taller and more elegant. Their versatility is incredible, and they’re quite durable. Now, if you’ve invested in fabric vertical blinds, you paid more than most people do when buying vertical blinds. Fabric blinds are expensive because they provide an utterly unique aesthetic. Their colors, weaves, and shapes are coveted for what they can bring to a room. It is absolutely worth your time and energy to keep them looking good. But how? The last thing you want to do is damage them while trying to maintain them!

We have good news for you: cleaning fabric blinds is easy. Read on to learn more!

My Blinds Aren’t Washable – What Do I Do?

I Can Wash My Blinds – How Do I Do it Right?

How Do I Keep My Blinds Looking Good Now?

You can ensure your fabric blinds look like new for years to come by staying on top of cleaning them. Additionally, avoid bending them and be careful to hang them correctly. By doing so, you will protect your investment and ensure it pays off in the end.

Aray’s Window Fashions features a team of expert designers who not only know how to match window coverings; they know how to keep them looking great. Turn to us in Southern California for the best custom blinds available!

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