Fabric Choice for Window Covering Hinges Partially on Design

Just as there is no “right” look for window fashion today, there are also more choices in fabric than ever before. Today there is huge variety for fabric choice for window covering available and dizzying array of fabric options allows local homeowners to personalize window covering styles. No matter what style you prefer for your Simi […]

How to Drape Old Windows and Problem Windows in Style?

Some of the most beautiful windows in modern homes can be the most difficult to “dress.” Coordinating windows of different sizes in a single room is is often problematic. An extremely large window may present a dilemma if window drapes Santa Barbara are needed for privacy or light control. An arched window, or a bank of windows with […]

10 Ways to Use Draperies to Set the Stage

The drapes you choose for your home are a great place to create a sense of mystique, opens your home up to the outdoors without sacrificing privacy and helps compliment the rest of your interior design scheme. Here are ten awesome ideas. 1. Bad view? Make the curtains exciting. We’ve all seen places that just […]

How Low Should Your Drapes Go?

The real question is: How low do you want them to go? Popular looks run the gamut from spare and simple to gathered yards and layers of fabric that cascade down the sides of the glass and pool on the floor. According to designers, you can pretty much pick any treatment that appeals to you […]

10 Quick and Easy DIY Curtain Ideas

When you’re designing your spaces, being creative is usually at the top of the list. While there are a number of things you can do to be inventive, identifying the objects that will make the most impact is key. In many areas, the window treatment is the first thing people notice. What is so special […]

The Case for Stationary Drapes in Thousand Oaks

As you shop for drapery in Thousand Oaks, you will need to decide whether you will use stationary drapes or drapes that open and close. Stationary drapes can be an affordable and decorative option to add interest to your home without too much expense. Here are a few considerations to make as you are deciding […]

How to Use Short Curtain Rods for a Great Curtain Design?

When most people set out to hang curtains on their windows, they measure across the length of the window and get a single curtain rod that will cover the entire area, but this is not the only way to hang curtains on your Ventura windows. Another option is to use shorter curtain rods and incorporate […]

List of Curtains and Drapes Panel Styles

Before you go about decorating your windows with curtains or drapes, you’ll first want to assess your options. Here’s a quick look at a few examples of window coverings for you to take advantage of. Tab-Top Panels Because tab-top panels are connected via loops to the top of a valance’s seam, they work perfectly for […]

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