Everyone dreams of finding a home in which they can watch their children grow up and experience the Golden Years with their significant other.

We dream of putting down roots and getting to know the people in our neighborhoods in a genuine way. However, constant habitation can take its toll on a home over the decades. You’re busy living your live, raising kids, planning parties, and celebrating holidays, so you don’t notice the fading paint, dings in the plaster, and fixtures that have slowly become outdated since your home was built.

Suddenly, you wake up one day and realize that your home could really use a facelift. Maybe you want to improve functionality of your high-traffic rooms or perhaps you simply want to feel more comfortable in your own home.

Why Update Your Bathroom?

There are several reasons why you might want to think about focusing your update efforts on the bathroom. First, we spend a lot of time in the bathroom! From putting on makeup to brushing teeth with little ones, this room sees a lot of wear and tear. Second, guests see your bathroom. While you might be able to hide the mess in your basement or bedroom by simply closing the door, most guests will inevitably use the bathroom while visiting your home. Finally, upgrading a bathroom can increase your home’s value. When evaluating potential homes, people tend to be most impressed with (or horrified by) the kitchen and bathroom.

Simple Ways To Refresh Your Bathroom’s Look

Now that you know more about why upgrading your bathroom is a smart idea, let’s take a look at how to go about refreshing its look.

  1. Pedestal Sink – Does your bathroom feel crowded and look cluttered? Have you cleaned off the sink a million times, only to have bottles of lotion and hair brushes return in a heartbeat? Replacing your outdated counter sink with a sleek pedestal sink is a great way to create the illusion of space without expanding the room itself. It also eliminates the counter clutter in one fell swoop!
  2. Shower Door – Shower curtains are cheap and easy, but wear out quickly, making your bathroom look dirty and immature. Replace that rod and curtain with a sliding glass shower door that looks classy and is easier to clean.
  3. Coordinating Fixtures – Mismatched fixtures can make your bathroom look disorganized and cluttered. Simply upgrading to a faucet, towel rack, and cabinet door handles that are all made of the same material is a great way to improve the look.
  4. Framed Mirror – Many older bathrooms feature a plain plate mirror with rough edges. Sure, you can see yourself, but it’s not very nice to look at. Replacing that old mirror with a framed rectangular or oval mirror enhances the elegance of this functional room!
  5. Custom Window Blinds – Most bathrooms have a window for light and ventilation purposes, but when’s the last time you took stock of the blinds that are hanging in it? Custom window blinds, drapes, or shutters made from unique materials can create a focal point out of a window you used to ignore.

Arjay’s Provides Custom Blinds For Every Architectural Style

Want to explore your options for custom bathroom blinds? Arjay’s has experience with homes of every age and architectural style. Contact us for a complimentary consultation today!

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