A window’s main job is to let light into a room. The problem is that there are times when there is too much light, and the sun’s rays can make a room feel like a boiler, or cause exposure damage on furniture and decors. This is where excellent window covers come in. You can find a wide array of choices that would match any window type and interior design. 

Effective Window Covers: Choose the Best Way to Let the Sunshine In


Window shutters are large, solid frames that have horizontal slats to let the light in. Usually made of hard materials like wood or polyresin, they are placed over windows to control the amount of light coming in, and to provide security and privacy for those inside. Depending on how you want to use them, you can position them either inside or outside the house. Outside shutter placements provide your windows additional protection from the elements. This is especially useful in areas that are prone to inclement weather. Interior shutters don’t provide this protection but are still useful in keeping unwanted light out.


Similar to shutters, blinds can be installed inside and outside the home. However, unlike shutters, blinds have no frame to support the slats that stop sunlight from entering the room. Properly-placed blinds, when completely closed and lowered on a sunny day, can reduce the amount of heat gained in a room by 45 percent. Blinds are a lot more flexible than shutters, as well. They can be raised or lowered to increase the amount of light let in, while the slats can be adjusted to block or allow sunlight in.

Window Films

For a more modern window covering, versatile decorative window film is a favorite option. Window films operate on the idea that ultraviolet radiation causes the fading of items that are exposed to sunlight. The thin plastic films are especially treated to deflect UV radiation and much of the heat from sunlight. A good thing about these films is that they are very adaptable; you can choose films that block out more sunlight than normal, while still getting a great view of the outside. Moreover, window films are ideal for large windows, and would generally be more affordable than shutters and blinds of equivalent sizes.

These are just some of the available options for those looking to protect their home’s interior from sunlight. Pick the right one with help from local window covering experts.

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