Easy Green: 7 Cost Effective Ways for Windows Insulation

Windows insulation is one of the quickest and most efficient ways to enhance energy savings. As an integral part of how you can keep the heat in during the winter, and the cold air from the air conditioner during the summer, insulation is the one area where not having it will make a tremendous difference. […]

What Makes Energy Efficient Windows : 3 G’s – Gas Glass Glazing

If your average home utility bill is high enough to give you heart failure, it may be time to consider options that increase your home’s energy efficiency. But if you’re interested in options beyond simple lifestyle changes such as closing custom blinds Simi Valley homeowners often find upgraded windows to be of significant benefit, as […]

Why R-Values Matter in Energy Efficient Window Treatments?

When you begin to consider ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home, one of the first terms you will hear is R-value, a number that is used to measure the insulation in your home. Your roof and your walls each have an R-value that dictates how well they insulates your home. Learn why R-value is important […]

Upgrade Windows for Beauty, Comfort and Big Energy Savings

The windows in your home are the things that connect you to the world. They are the things that let in light and air and ultimately make your house something more than a big box where you eat, sleep, and entertain yourself. Your windows not only affect how you see the world, but are also […]

Want to Increase Turnaround in Your Retail Store? Let in Natural Light!

For retailers looking to bring in more turnaround, the answer may not be in better endcaps and product displays. It may be in bringing in natural lighting. Natural light encourages customers to stay inside a store longer, interact with products longer and purchase a greater number of items. By bringing in natural light, you may […]

Importance of Passive Solar Heating for Your Home

If you’re looking to reduce your heating costs it may be worthwhile to look at one of the most economical and energy efficient heating options there is Passive solar heating. Many homes have been built to optimize their potential to use solar energy as a primary heat source, and many more continue to be built. […]

Improving Energy Efficiency in All Glass Buildings

Many people appreciate a view of the city from inside an all glass building. There are several benefits to adding a great deal of natural light to a building, but there are also potential drawbacks from the standpoint of energy efficiency. Selecting the right windows and adding an energy efficient window treatment can help property managers of […]

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