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Arjay’s Window Fashions provides a full range of Fauxwood Blinds for both Commercial & Residential use. We have expert designers and use leading technologies to provide solutions that not only look good, but perform amazing as well.


More Information About Fauxwood Blinds

Faux Wood Horizontal Blinds are a great value alternative to Wood Blinds.

They are not only less expensive, they are also extremely durable and have a timeless appeal.  Faux Wood Blinds are available in a variety of colors and textures and will match any decor.    

Faux blinds give you the elegant look of wood at an affordable price. You can easily add beauty to any room in your home by selecting from a wide range of colors, finishes and textures. Faux wood offers extreme durability; the levers will not bend or break even with heavy use.

We also offer you choices in louver sizes, you can select 2, 2 ½ or 3-inch louver widths. Designer valances and cornice boxes are available to add the finishing touch to the faux blinds you select.

Faux Wood Horizontal Blinds

Horizontal blinds provide privacy while letting you choose how much light you want to let in to the room. Faux wood blinds can be manufactured without the route-holes to offer an additional level of privacy. Horizontal faux wood blinds also offer you an extra layer of insulation from the cold and superior resistance to excess sunlight that can fade carpets and furnishings.

Our horizontal blinds come in your choice of control options. Select from rout-less, for greater privacy, or choose wand tilt or cord tilt control. Faux wood blinds are also available without lift cords; movement is performed by lifting or pulling the bottom rail. For maximum ease, choose a motorized system with easy-to-use handheld or wall controls. Motorization can even be integrated with your home automation system.

Faux Wood Horizontal Blinds are manufactured with 2”, 2 1/2” and 3” louvers and are available in a variety of different finishes. The louvers can be tilted at different angles to control light and louvers can be manufactured without route-holes for enhanced privacy.  These blinds have a variety of matching designer valances as well as larger decorative cornice boxes and are a great choice when considering high-moisture applications.

  • Control Options: Faux Wood Horizontal Blinds can be operated by Cord Tilt, Wand Tilt and Routless (no route holes) Operation for greater privacy and light control. Faux Wood Blinds are also available without lift cords where the bottom rail is buoyant and the blind is raised and lowered by pulling or lifting the bottom rail.
  • Specialty Shapes: Faux Wood Horizontal Blinds can be manufactured Arched and with Angle Tops.
  • Designer Features: Faux Wood Horizontal Blinds are available with Designer Fashion Tapes that coordinate with other furnishings and can replace standard drop cords. The headrails can also be concealed beneath a variety of stylish valances and cornice boxes.
  • Motorized Operation: Faux Wood Horizontal Blinds can be motorized and operated via remote control or integrated into building automation systems.
  • Energy Consumption & Comfort:  Light colored blinds can be used to reflect solar heat and control hot spots in a building.
  • Light Control:  Horizontal louvered products do an excellent job in controlling high profile sun because the louvers cross-shade each other. The louvers can also be completely closed for room darkening.


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Our customers will enjoy working with one of the most diverse and talented teams in the drapery and custom window treatments industry. Some team members have been recognized for their accomplishments in local and national publications for their award-winning designs. Our work on a variety of single family homes and large commercial projects can be found in Santa Barbara Magazine, Ventana Magazine, Window Covering News, and Draperies & Window Covering Magazines.

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