windowfilm1The bathroom in your house is one of the most private spaces in your home, but when you’ve got windows that peep directly into this space, you definitely lose a bit of privacy. Rather than leave these windows open right into one of the most private rooms of your space, you can find a fantastic window treatment to use in this space and increase the privacy.

At Arjay’s Window Fashions in Ventura, we have a wide variety of window treatments that can provide you with privacy in your bathroom, but there are plenty of things that you need to consider before determining which one is going to be the best for your space. Here are a few of the ones that we suggest looking into and what types of considerations need to be made before committing to them.

Window Film

A window film is an easy way to add privacy to space without having to really add any noticeable treatment. Window films are known for adding texture or tint to any type of window. The great thing about this form of treatment is that you can still make use of the natural light coming in through the window, but without leaving it entirely easy to see into. Something that you may want to consider with this window treatment is whether or not you’d like to use any other treatments such as blinds or curtains in the space, or if this is going to provide enough privacy for you while in the bathroom.


This particular form of window treatment is one that is pretty easy to incorporate throughout the home, but in bathrooms, it can be heavy and almost overly efficient. Bathrooms are usually small spaces, so when you use a heavy window treatment to block the small amount of natural light that there is, you’ll see just how dark space immediately becomes. If this is a treatment that you want to consider using, you need to consider the amount of light that you have in this space, the size of the window and the material of the curtains. All in all, the combination of these three things should provide you with a more private bathroom, but still with an open and welcoming space.


Depending on the size of your window, and the amount of room in your bathroom, blinds are another option that you have in regards to window treatments. These are very conventional window treatments, but, as with curtains, you really have to be aware of closing the blinds before using the restroom in order to benefit from the full privacy that this window treatment offers. Depending on what the window that you’re trying to treat is open too, this might be entirely okay, but if there is a neighboring house right outside the window or if there is easy access to looking into the window, you may want to consider using window film so that you can still enjoy the bathroom without having to worry about whether or not the blinds or curtains are drawn before using the restroom.

Regardless of which window treatment you choose, Arjay’s Window Fashions is the place to take care of you. We have the high quality and beautiful window treatments that you’re looking for, so stop by our showroom today and get a glimpse at all that we have to offer.

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