Santa Barbara Roller Shades

Here in Santa Barbara, we love living in a temperate climate. It is usually not terribly hot or cold. However, that does not mean that we do not face the effects of the sun. Glare, ultraviolet light, excess solar heat–all these are for us to appreciate and to manage. The good news is that with motorized shades in Santa Barbara and Santa Barbara Roller Shades, we can create the perfect balance between natural light and a happy environment, for home or office.

Quick Solutions

One of the nicest things about custom window shades in Santa Barbara is the ease of use. All you have to do is pull the shade down to provide effective protection from the sun and privacy. When you want more natural light, simply pull down quickly, and the shade will quickly retract. A roller shade is also quick to install, when you need a sleek window covering but you are still making decisions about the other window treatments you would like to have.

Home Designs

On those bright, sunlight days, we often long for a way to block out the light so we can sleep in just a little bit. Sometimes the existing blinds just do not eliminate enough of the light emitting from summer’s early dawn. This makes custom window shades particularly important for us in Santa Barbara, since we have:

• warm weather
• cloudless skies
• many sunny days each year

No one wants to purchase a roller shade that does not fit the window or has an ugly appearance. Custom shades make the difference between a window treatment that feels forced, and one that appears to have been built with the home.

Office Efficiency

Santa Barbara Roller shades have amazing uses at the office, as well. Motorized shades in Santa Barbara ensure that protecting employees from ultraviolet radiation is a snap. When the roller shades are put on a schedule, they rise and fall at the programmed time. This eliminates time wasted opening and closing the shades, and makes the entire office more comfortable. A textured weave adds a touch of professional elegance to the design, while reducing glare from the sun.

Getting custom window shades here in Santa Barbara is not difficult at all. Just a quick installation, and then we can spend sunny days at home or in the office in comfort and style.

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