If you’ve ever seen window film in someone’s home, chances are you saw it in a bathroom window. This is a great use for window film! It helps add privacy to the bathroom without hanging heavy drapes that could become mildewy and moldy thanks to a higher amount of humidity in the room. Blinds are similarly difficult to keep clean in the bathroom. That’s why many people who have a window in their bathroom choose to use window film instead. That’s not all that window film is good for, though!

Block unsightly views.

Window film is a great way to not only block the view of someone looking into your home but also block your view looking out of your home. Maybe your bedroom window looks straight into your neighbors or your living room window has the lovely view of a dumpster. Whatever it is, if you don’t want to see it, you can use window film to block out the view without blocking out the light.

Reduce glare on electronics.

Window film is an awesome addition to windows in living rooms, entertainment rooms, and even offices. That’s because it can help block the glare that you experience on your electronics. If you have trouble watching your television during certain hours of the day, window film can help soften the light that’s coming in so you don’t have to squint anymore. It’s also great for those who work from home and encounter blinding sunlight on their computer monitors in the middle of the afternoon.

Increase privacy of a glass front door.

Glass front doors are beautiful, but they aren’t always convenient. Sometimes things happen behind your front door that you don’t necessarily need the whole neighborhood to know about. But covering up all of that natural light can leave your entry way dark. Window film can save the day! Simply put the window film over the glass and you’ll get all the light without the invasion of your privacy. We offer decorative window films so you can add a pattern or color to your glass, too, for an even more sophisticated look!

Have a window that’s in desperate need of window film? Talk to the experts at Arjay’s! We have a great selection of window film and can even help you turn a window into a projection screen for movie night. Give us a call and make a free appointment with our team to learn more!


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