In our ‘Ask the Expert’ series a question surfaced that needs a little more explanation than we can write on our Facebook Fan Page; so, we’ve highlighted this question for this week on our blog.

As we are working with customers, we’ve discovered a common-place question, one that although communicated in many different ways…..surfaces daily.  And, when we peel away the layers usually what a client is really asking is what product to choose based on their own décor, in other words, I need ideas!Often, when you don’t know what to do, you do nothing, and that is true in window coverings, too.  A free consultation with our company will help guide you through steps in making the best decision for your home.           


Window coverings and treatments serve as an important decoration and functional part of your home. In fact, coverings and treatments are just as important as windows themselves and contribute to the majority of features and benefits that your windows can offer. Some of the key benefits of window coverings include the moderation of light & temperature, privacy control, noise insulation, accentuating the view from your windows, and energy efficiency.

So, the question we are answering today is,“I’m undecided and need suggestions to determine what window treatment is best for me.  Can you guide me in the right direction?”

And the answer to the question is always a resounding …….yes, yes, yes!

When we work with a client there are some fundamental questions that should be answered immediately, these help to steer you in the direction of a field-of-options and eventually a solution fit for you. It’s important to note that although we can guide you through a process that will offer the best choices and ideas…. the end result will always be left up to you!

Let’s consider the most basic questions first. These are in no particular order, their significance is equally important in the big picture of choosing window coverings for your home or office. So, before we get into specifics of design elements you will need to consider the following information.

One way to diffuse light and add texture in your room!

The primary function of windows is to provide natural light. However, the control of this natural light falls upon window treatments.Therefore, Tip #1 is to ask yourself, whether you need your treatments/coverings to darken a room or to be a light filter, or a combination of both. To admit the maximum amount of light into a room, you want to choose window coverings that can be parted completely to reveal the windows. If you want to filter the sun’s rays, you want to choose sheers, light filtering shades, or coverings that can be tilted to diffuse light. To block out light completely, you want to select draperies and shades lined with blackout linings, or consider a plantation shutter! Deciding how light will affect your room is important in laying out your options.

Window coverings also help to moderate temperature within your room. For maximum insulation, choose draperies or shades made from heavy fabrics. To take advantage of refreshing breezes, open your windows and part the drapes or lift up the shades or blinds.  Today, window coverings have been rated for their energy efficiency capability and if you desire to save dollars on your utility bills, we can offer you several products that are designed to reduce costs, by nature of the material, while moderating temperature. Energy Efficiency is one of the fastest growing options selected by consumers today and is an important consideration in choosing window treatments, therefore, Tip #2 is to ask yourself if there is a need to moderate temperature or heat gain.

Energy Efficient Cellular Shade as a Vertical

Privacy Matters! Because windows allow others to look inside your home, coverings and treatments can help in adding privacy to your room. Tip #3 is to decide whether or not you are covering a window for the purpose of privacy. If not, and you want to maintain a view,Don’t Block It, Frame It!! Our suggestions will lead you to use design techniques that ensure your option of letting the light shine in to maintain a view and beautifully decorate a window.  Or, we can make suggestions to help keep your home free from those unwanted views.

Do you need to reduce noise? Noise control is also a feature of window treatments. Tip #4 is to ask yourself, “How important is reducing noise to me?” Noise insulation makes your room warm and inviting without the echoing sounds that reflect off of bare windows or floors. Draperies & shades offer the most absorption of noise from both outside and inside the home; and the more layers you apply to your windows the better to prevent noise that generates from outside. It’s important to note that window treatments/coverings are not designed to eliminate noise; however, the effective use of some treatments will reduce any unwanted noise.

Time-honored Shutters

Mostly, time-honored treatments are important in today’s economy! What you choose, you should be able to live with for a long time. If you are stuck and need guidance to make your next step in selecting the best window coverings for you we offer complimentary consultations with an expert from our design team.  We are a shop-at-home-service, give us a call and we can together come up with a personal solution tailor-made just for YOU!

Above all else a hard-fast-rule is to decorate to define your personality!!

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