The real question is: How low do you want them to go?

malibu drapes

Popular looks run the gamut from spare and simple to gathered yards and layers of fabric that cascade down the sides of the glass and pool on the floor. According to designers, you can pretty much pick any treatment that appeals to you for drapery in your Malibu home and you’ll still be within the guidelines of good taste and trendy style. For shorter windows, the “rules” dictate that the bottom edge should stop at the top of the sill or extend to just below the trim. Pick one and be consistent throughout your rooms for the most coordinated decorating style.

In larger or more public rooms, however, the preferred option is to extend window coverings to the floor, and they sometimes reach for the ceiling as well.

Four “just right” lengths for the custom drapery Malibu homeowners can love are Hover, Brush, Break or Puddle.

Hover Just Above the Floor

This is a classic look for pinch-pleated drapery, and is a good choice for most rooms. The bottom hem of the drapes hangs just millimeters above the floor surface, never dragging across it. A “finger’s width” is a good guide, or approximately half an inch above the floor surface. It is appropriate for all fabrics and for the type of drapes Malibu residents prefer. Hovering is practical if you have children and pets in the home, and if you frequently open and close the panels.

Just Brush the Floor Surface

Installing your draperies to just brush the surface of the floor is the most exacting look to achieve. It will take a level floor, a perfectly installed rod, accurate measuring and exacting finishing to make it perfect. This is a design style that can be employed with different floor surfaces, but bear in mind that if you open and close the drapes frequently, the hems can wear faster than the panels; they tend to pick up dust and look ragged sooner than you might like.

A Pleasing Break

With a well-managed “break” just above the floor, like a well-tailored pair of slacks, your drapes can look fashionable and upscale, and lend drama to any room setting. This option requires some adjustment, but  when they are done right, these can be stunning drapes Malibu homeowners will delight in showing off. They are well suited for formal settings. Try them in a dining room or study.

A Puddle at the Bottom

Letting soft fabric puddle at the bottom of the drapery is a lavish interpretation that can add a lot of drama to a room. It works best with soft, gauze-like fabrics, or with silk or taffeta in formal rooms. Remember that the bigger the “puddle” the more care it will take to arrange and maintain. Also, a word to the wise: Pets can wreak havoc with puddles.

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