When people set out to buy awnings for their yards, they want to find a material that they can trust to stand up to the weather and last for years to come. Since the material will be outside, it will be exposed to moisture, wind, and sun on a regular basis. Material that is not designed for the outdoors may start to deteriorate under these conditions. Buyers want to be confident that their awnings have been designed with these considerations in mind. Fortunately, recent changes within the industry have made fabric awnings much more reliable and able to last for years.

Awnings in the past

In years past, many exterior awnings were made from canvas. While this material was heavy and good at providing reliable shade for owners, this type of exterior window awning was also prone to developing mildew and mold from the regular exposure to moisture. When these awnings began to grow these unsightly problems, owners would have to remove them completely to scrub them clean with bleach or a similar powerful cleaner. This would be a frustrating and time consuming job. Canvas is known for being a material that mold and mildew easily grow on, and if the problem is not stopped from the beginning, it can quickly become difficult to get rid of and a terrible nuisance. Fortunately, in response to consumer demand and people looking to avoid these problems, other materials for awnings have become increasingly popular.

Common exterior awnings today

There are a variety of different types of synthetic fabrics used to create reliable awnings today. Some people looking for a fabric awning will be interested to know that there are now a variety of different options, including:

– Laminated plastic

– Acrylic

– Other synthetic fibers

The laminated plastic, for example, has been formulated to be resistant to mold and mildew while also standing up to regular weather patterns. Acrylic is a woven fabric that has been sealed between protective layers. These fabrics offer similar resistance to weather related problems. These various new synthetic fabrics stand up well to the outdoors while also offering homeowners the chance to add a bit of color and style to their homes. There is such a wide range of color and design options in a fabric awning that buyers should be able to find one that exactly suits their preferences and needs.

When it comes to selecting the perfect exterior awning for a home, customers want to find a material they can trust. Fortunately, the synthetic fibers used today are designed to provide exactly that sort of comfort. Those interested in learning more about their awning options should reach out and contact Arjay’s Window Fashions where a professional can help answer any questions.

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