You’ve got the awesome Simi Valley home you were hoping for, with a fabulous bay windows that has an amazing view. But the sun shines in and heats up your home! How do you keep your beautiful view and still have a comfortable home without paying a king’s ransom in air conditioning bills? Here are some great ideas on how to beat the heat and keep thing scenic.

Blinds for Bay Windows

If you’ve got a sunlit western or southern bay windows, a window treatment that blinds Simi Valley glare helps you maintain your view without heating up the room. From metal, wood, plastic and fabric, when it comes to blinds for Simi Valley residents appreciate our selection. Blinds can be hung either over the windows to keep them completely out of the way or inside the window frame for a more in line appearance.

Woven Wood Shades

When you don’t want to interrupt that beautiful view, there’s a more earth friendly approach to your window treatments. Woven wood shades for Valley residents have found, are a wonderful alternative to regular fabric or shutters, providing a step between hard angles and flowing forms that gives your home an earthy air. We have some of the best selection of woven wood shades you can choose from!

Roman Shades

Looking for something a bit more unique? If you incorporate Roman shades for houses in Simi Valley, the view won’t be blocked by bulky curtains, but will provide protection from harsh sunlight at the same time. When it comes to awesome window treatments to slightly soften modern architectural lines, its Roman shades Simi Valley residents clamor for! These fabric shades create soft loops of fabric when raised.


If you have your heart set on dramatic drapery for your Simi Valley homes often benefit from hanging the draperies slightly outside the bay windows, leaving those great views unobstructed. Whether you’re looking for insulated pieces to keep the heat out or filmy sheers to add a bit of romance to your home, we have an amazing selection of drapery Simi Valley homes need to soften and shade a beautiful bay windows.

Whatever your choices are, remember that we would be happy to work with you to find the perfect window treatments for your Simi Valley home. With a history of serving the area since 1975, we have almost 40 years’ experience creating a professional design that meets your needs. Please contact us for a free appointment or should you have any questions whatsoever.

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