Allergy season is in full force, and this year is particularly bad. If you are suffering from allergy symptoms as a result of a buildup of dust and pollen in your home, there are a few solutions you should keep in mind. When you limit opportunities for allergens to collect in your home and on your window blinds, you will finally be able to breathe the free air.

Window Sense

The first thing you need to do is prevent the allergens from coming into the home. While you are measuring for window blinds, take a moment to see if your windows have obvious air leaks. They should open easily and close tightly, without gaps. Dealing with air leaks in your home helps to make sure those allergens cannot come in that way. Then, you can start to plan for the best window treatments to meet your needs.


Just about everyone wants window blinds in Calabasas. But, when you have allergies, your choices are more limited. The trick is to pick window treatments that are easy to dust and wipe clean. At Arjay’s window fashions, we offer a variety of blinds in:

These types are a snap to clear with a dry duster. People with allergies may want to avoid cellular blinds or shades, as they present a greater surface area to gather more dust.


Window blinds are an easy choice, but drapes are not. Happily, your best choice is to choose items that are easy to keep clean. Heavy drapes help to block out unwanted sunlight, but they also attract allergens. Experts recommend that allergy sufferers use minimal drapery in their window treatments. If at all possible, select fabrics that can be washed in the clothes washer. When you do not have that choice or taking down the drapes is too difficult, aim for fabrics that may be steam-cleaned instead of dry-cleaned. If all else fails, do not use drapes.


Avoiding drapes is a problem for people who need darkness during the day, especially during the long daylight hours of summer. But, you may find that shades are a fine alternative and an excellent complement to your window blind in Calabasas. Arjay’s Window Fashions has a large selection of shades to suit any style or temperament. We recommend that people with allergies select roller shades that may be quickly wiped clean or hypoallergenic bamboo shades. Their simple installation and use adds room-darkening options to your home without making the walls look cluttered.

It is amazing how much better you feel when your allergies are managed. If the source of your problems is hiding in your window treatments, replacing the window blinds and adding the right shades may be all you need. For more information about window treatments in Southern California, contact Arjay’s Window Fashions.

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