We live in a high tech world.

We have phones that are basically mini-supercomputers, our dishwashers can send emails, and cars are equipped with software that allows them to tell YOU when it’s time for a tune up. You may think that the world of window treatments is one place where technology won’t ever butt in, after all, window shades and curtains have basically operated the same way for thousands of years.

But of course this isn’t the case! Motorized blinds are all the rage in modern homes these days. Yes, you read that right: blinds with motors in them.

Have you recently purchased motorized blinds from Arjay’s or had them installed by another professional window treatment company in the Ventura area? If so, you’re already familiar with their benefits and probably most interested in learning how to keep your motorized blinds functional for many years to come. If not, you can ready more about the advantages offered by motorized blinds below, followed by easy tips for cleaning them properly should you decide to purchase them.

Benefits Of Motorized Blinds

Have you ever sat there, silently cursing your old window blinds as you try to make both sides hang evenly using those confusing drawstrings? Have you ever been convinced that you locked the blinds into place, only to hear them come crashing down as soon as you step away from the window? These issues are a thing of the past when you have motorized blinds.

By automating the raising and lowering of your blinds, motorization delivers safety, energy efficiency, and convenience of never having to stand on the back of your couch, reaching for the drawstring ever again.

Cleaning Tips For Motorized Blinds

Because motorized blinds have a few more moving parts than traditional blinds, cleaning them must be approached with care.

  1. Vacuum – The best way to prevent dust and dirt from building up on your motorized blinds is to make them a part of your regular vacuuming schedule. This is an especially efficient style of cleaning if your blinds are made from or covered in fabric.
  2. Lamb’s Wool – Want to take your cleaning a step further? Grab a lambs-wool duster and slide it horizontally along each slat. Be sure to work from top to bottom so dust falls to the floor and not on your cleaned slats below.
  3. Rubber Sponge – Also known as a ‘dry sponge,’ this cleaning tool is especially adept at removing dust and grime from vinyl blinds. As its name suggest, the dry sponge works without any water so you don’t have to worry about damaging the motorized aspects of your blinds.
  4. NEVER Soak or Spray – Unlike the old plastic blinds you may have had before, motorized blinds should never be sprayed directly with cleaning solution or submerged in water. This could permanently damage both the blinds and the motorized elements.

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