Getting out of the house and onto the beach is central to what living in Malibu, California is all about, But being prepared is important, and that means staying protected. Its second nature of many Californians to grab their sunglasses and a bottle of sunscreen before heading out the door, but in a place like Malibu, sun damage can happen indoors as well. That’s why Malibu solar shades have become so popular in the city. Not only do solar screen shades from Arjay’s protect the people who live in Malibu and surrounding areas, but they protect things inside your home as well. Here’s a little information about how they work.

In many ways, Arjay’s solar screen shades work a lot like any other shades you might buy. They are made of either light or dark colored fabric, and can be adjusted in various positions either up or down the windows in your home. But unlike conventional shades, solar screens let you experience the sun in your home without feeling like you are hiding from the world.

Versatility of Malibu Solar Shades

Solar screen mesh shades are able to control various amounts of heat and light, and are classified according to several thermal and optical factors including density, solar absorbance, solar reflectance, visible light transmittance, solar transmittance, and shading coefficient. Depending on your needs and preferences, Arjay’s screens are available in both light and dark fabrics.

With a dark fabric, approximately 95% of visible light is blocked by the fabric. With its higher solar absorption and lower visible light transmission, much of the heat and light that would otherwise enter into your home is absorbed, which not only reduces the amount of glare in your home, but can also help keep your cooling costs down. Light fabrics focus more on reflecting heat, while letting in more light. The view through these shades is much like sheer drapery, and allows more daylight to enter your home without the intense glare that happens when shades are completely open.

Your Health and Comfort

For many, both dark and light Malibu solar shades are beneficial in their homes. You may want a good deal of light coming into a kitchen, bathroom, or sunroom in your house, but may prefer the extra light diffusion in a bedroom, or a family room where you may be watching television or reading while facing the window. Either types of shades are adjustable, so they can be adjusted to let in however much heat and light as is appropriate for the circumstance.

While solar screen shades from Arjay’s are great for reducing cooling costs when it is hot and sunny, even Malibu can have its cooler days in the winter, and it is good to have the flexibility to allow the extra heat in during those days. Depending on which shades you choose, your home can be shielded from up to 99% of UV rays, which can contribute to skin cancer, cataracts, premature aging, and even compromise your immune system. These rays can also fade colors and wear out the furniture in your home through photodegeneration.

On so many Malibu summer days, you wouldn’t think of stepping out the door without your sunglasses. You can have the same protection inside with our solar shades. Contact us to determine which type is right for you.

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