Santa Barbara, California has beautiful weather all year round that could attract almost anyone. At its coldest, it rarely dips below 34 degrees Fahrenheit, and at its hottest it doesn’t reach above 82. On average it stays between 58 and 75 in the warm season, and between 40 and 63 in the cool season. There’s also plenty of sunshine. The median cloud cover is between 16-38%, so there is almost always more sun than clouds. Between the sunshine that can damage furnishings and flooring as it shines through windows, and the universal need for privacy, window shades in Santa Barbara are a must.

Roller Shade Santa Barbara

Roller shades in Santa Barbara are a popular choice when it comes to window treatments. Roller shades have come a long way for a style and durability standpoint. No longer are they limited to white plastic shades that never seem to want to stay in the right place. They now come in a variety of colors and fabrics as they are easier to control, with some styles including a motorized system with a remote control. Installing window shades in Santa Barbara is fairly easy if you take things one step at a time.

Measuring for Inside Mount

Window shades in Santa Barbara can be mounted either from the inside or the outside of the home. Generally, an inside mount gives a more finished look. In order to know what size of window shades to buy, you’ll need to measure the width of the window between the two side window jambs. Take measurements at the top, middle, and bottom of the window and note which is the smallest. To measure length, start at the bottom of the head jamb and go to the top of the stool. Once again, measure at each side and in the middle and take the smallest measurement. Double check your measurements, and order your custom shades.

Preparing to Install

While you’re waiting for your shades, take off any existing curtain or drapery hardware that is currently on your window. When you get your shade, double check that all necessary screws and brackets have been included.  Put a mark on the wall two inches out from each side jamb, and another one two inches above the window. Hold one of the metal mounting brackets against the head jamb in line with the pencil marks. Line up the bracket’s front lip with the front edge of the head jamb to keep it square. Use an awl to mark to screw mounting holes as you hold the bracket in place. Do the same thing with the other bracket.

Starting the Installation

Fit a drill with a 1/16th inch diameter bit to bore pilot holes for each screw, if you’re installing on stone or concrete, you’ll need a 1/4 inch masonry bit and a lead anchor for each hole. Align each bracket with the corresponding screw pilot holes, and fasten with two pinhead screws. Use a level to double check that your brackets are level with no more than a 1/8th inch discrepancy. If an adjustment must be made, lower the side that is higher than the other. Loosen the small brace screws on the bottom of the mounting brackets.

Putting Up Your Shade

Lift the shade up to the head jamb and hook the front edge of its head rail onto the lip of the brackets. Bring the rear of the head rail back toward the window and lock the shade into the brackets by tightening the brace screws.

Checking the Shade

To make sure the shade is working correctly, grasp the bottom center of the shade and slowly pull down to the sill. Push up with your hand in the same spot to raise the shade. Stop in various places to make sure that the shade will stay where you place it. At times, a shade will look short initially. If this is the case leave it completely down for a couple days to relax the fabric.

Professional Installation

For simple roller shades in Santa Barbara, it makes sense to install the shades yourself, but there are also more complex models available that are motorized. Many people have shades installed along with other window treatments in order to have the option of hiding more light in order to protect their furnishings and save energy.


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