When most people set out to hang curtains on their windows, they measure across the length of the window and get a single curtain rod that will cover the entire area, but this is not the only way to hang curtains on your Ventura windows. Another option is to use shorter curtain rods and incorporate them into your design. There are some situations where using shorter rods brings a real decorative advantage to a room.

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Dressing a Small Room

In a small room, you don’t want curtain rods to take over the room.  Instead of running a long curtain rod across the top of the window, it can be beneficial to run two smaller rods near the ceiling along the sides of the window. This will maximize the wall space, and make the room look taller. This method also does leave part of the window uncovered, so many will use a secondary window treatment, such as a shade or tinted windows in order to preserve privacy

Uniquely Shaped Windows

Arched windows and other windows that have an unusual shape can look awkward with a longer curtain rod. Smaller rods can be placed between the arches on an arched window, giving a sense of open curtains on a window, again blinds or shades can be used for added privacy. When there are several different windows in a single room, long and short rods can be used together allowing some curtains to be closed completely, while others are open.

Paneled Look

Using shorter rods give the option of creating a paneled look across windows. Some windows have more wall space between them that you might not want to cover with a curtain. With short curtain rods, you can section off areas of the window to hang narrower curtains, and you can adjust how much of a gap you want between the panels depending on the look you want, or how much light you want to let into the room.

In some cases, this paneled look can go beyond the window area, and be a way to decorate other areas of the wall, such as corners. They can also be used to block off open shelves or a wall mounted television when it is not in use.

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