curtainBeing the proud owner of a home that is known for it’s efficiency is something that you can take pride in. While it is not the greatest achievement you can boast of, there’s something extremely nice about seeing your electric bill and taking note that you are saving more energy than your neighbors. While this could be due to you reducing the frequency with which you use your air conditioning or maybe even the type of lightbulbs that you’ve got throughout your home, this could also be coming from the quality of window treatments that you use.

If you’re sitting there wondering how in the world your window treatments are making a difference with your efficiency, you’ll be surprised to hear that there are actually more than one way that your window treatments are affecting the efficiency of your home. Below are just a few of the ways that you can start to actively see your treatments playing a part in different factors of your home.

Keep Temperature Change at Bay

When you put up windows the first thing you think of is how it’ll keep the sun at a reasonable level during the day, but this feature also keeps temperatures at a constant. Here in Ventura, we have to deal with some incredibly high temperatures, and when those days hit it’s impossible to not want our air conditioners blowing cool air into our homes. The thing about HVAC units is that they have to do quite a bit of work to maintain a comfortable temperature in our homes, especially if our homes aren’t efficient. Without any window treatments, our homes are subject to fluctuate in temperature because of the sun that is beaming directly into our space. Even this slight bit of heat that is coming through our windows can affect the amount of work that our HVAC unit has to do to maintain comfort within the home, which can in turn cost you more down the road. Rather than letting your HVAC unit turn on and off to accommodate for the change in temperature, you can simply put up some high quality window treatment, whether it be blinds, curtains or drapes, and you’ll see that they block the sun enough to maintain the comfortable temperature in your home.

Avoid Window Leaks

One of the areas where efficiency becomes a huge problem is the frame surrounding your windows. Regardless of what type of material you have selected for your window frames, there is always going to be a leak where the air from your home is escaping. In Ventura this becomes a problem because of the issue that we mentioned in the prior topic: lack of efficiency means that your HVAC unit is having to do more work than it should be. When you put up window treatments, you are blocking the space where air could be leaking through these cracks. We usually suggest using thicker window treatments if this is a concern that you’re looking to avoid. This is one of the times where picking drapes or curtains over a set of blinds is something that might provide you with better results.

If you take pride in the amount of energy that you’re conserving, investing in high quality window treatments is definitely worth it. Stop in to Arjay’s Window Fashions and allow for us to provide you with all of the options that you have when it comes to window treatments. We can help you find the perfect type of window treatment to avoid energy loss and to fit your home’s aesthetic.

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