Does your home or business have big, high windows that don’t work with drapes? Is your furniture and carpeting suffering from the sun exposure? If that’s the case, window film may be the perfect solution for you. Window film is a micro-thin layer of film with performance-level coatings that bond it to the glass.

At Arjay’s, we love window film because it preserves beautiful views while controlling UV exposure and heat gain. It also doesn’t clutter up windows like blinds or drapes do. It comes in all different kinds of tints, so you are guaranteed a perfect solution for your desired ambiance. It’s also extremely cost-effective, which makes it a great advantage to home and business owners. In today’s blog, we’re going to answer some of the most common questions about these amazing coatings.

Will it make my house dark?

How disruptive is installation?dreamstime_xxl_30539754

Can I still clean my windows?

Will you install the film on the inside or outside of the windows?

Will window film reduce glare on my computer and television screens?

Windows make life better by letting light, fresh air, and beautiful views into homes and businesses. At Arjay’s, we specialize in window treatments that enhance the beauty and functionality of any and all windows. Our design team has extensive experience with all types of budgets, needs, and venues. Whether you need the control of meeting room windows or it’s time to refresh the window treatments in your living room, we can provide solutions that not only transform the space, but provide practical solar and energy solutions as well. We will always take the time to treat your home like it’s our own, which means going the extra mile. Turn to Arjay’s, the window treatment company who will always put your interests first!

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