Managing your home or business’s solar gain can be a serious challenge. Not only does sunlight fade and rot carpet and furniture, it can have a big impact on your cooling costs. At Arjay’s, we have many different solutions for harmful solar gain. You can cover the windows with heavy drapes, install special screens, and beyond. One of our favorite solutions is window film. However, it is one of the lesser-known solutions, especially when it comes to residential windows.

In our last blog, we answered some common questions about window film in order to clarify what a phenomenal solution it can be. Today, we are finishing up with a few last questions!

Will Window Film Harm My Plants?

What Will Happen During Winter?dreamstime_xxl_36770362

Is the Film Permanent?

Does Film Peel, Crack, Discolor, or Bubble?

Arjay’s is proud to offer world-class window coverings, including custom blinds, drapery, and window film. We are on a mission to provide solutions to fit every aesthetic and budget. Learn more about how we can help you!

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