Baby safe window treatmentsSeptember is Baby Safety Month. This gives you an excellent opportunity to take a good look at your home and see what potential hazards your baby or toddler faces on a daily basis. Danger lurks all throughout your home, on the walls and even in your window treatments. Each year, children in the United States die from strangling on cords used for blinds and shades. Is your family at risk? Find out how you can make your existing window treatments safer and plan for a happier future.

Fix Existing Window Treatments Problems

Most current models of blinds and window coverings are designed to keep children and pets from reaching dangling cords. But, when your window treatments are older, you might not benefit from these new updates in technology and design. If your blinds have long, dangling cords on the outside of the slats, you should take action now. Move the child’s bed or crib away from the window. Reduce the length of the cords so that children cannot reach it. The Window Covering Safety Council recommends that you order a retrofit kit that will work well in the meantime, while you research and arrange for installation of up-to-date window treatments.

Buy New Solutions

Your best bet for child safety is to buy new window coverings that fulfill your needs without putting your little ones at risk. We provide a wide variety of options for your home, including:

To keep your children safe, cords should be on the interior of the shades or blinds. That way, the child cannot hang or strangle on a long, dangling cord. Or, you can make it even easier by adding exterior shading. Exterior awnings and shades give you the sun protection you need. But, since these shades are outside, you do not have to worry about your toddler climbing on the couch and hanging from them.

Consider Safe Accessories

Adding motorization to your blinds and shades takes the complication and risk out of the equation. Motorized window blinds do not require a cord because you can operate them using a remote control. And, motorized window shades offer you some convenience, too. We offer custom options for motorization, including timers, so that you can keep your family safe without the hassle of adjusting all your blinds and shades as the sun moves.

Your children’s safety is paramount. This September, take Baby Safety Month to heart. Get dangling cords out of your home with new motorized window blinds and shades, for a more peaceful life.

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