catwinThose four legged friends of ours may be cute and fun to cuddle in our down time, but they have a way of getting into so many parts of our home that sometimes they can be extra destructive. When it comes to cats, there are few things that they don’t get into. From tearing up the toilet paper to climbing on top of cabinets, there are so many different ways that your cat can get into things. One of the spaces that you are going to want to avoid your cats climbing onto will be your blinds. Not only are these an investment into your home, but they’re extremely noticeable and provide tons of functionality and efficiency to your home, the last thing you’re going to want is for them to be damaged.

The team at Arjay’s Window Furnishings know how hard it can be to manage the well being of your window coverings when you’ve got a cat in the house, so we have worked together to compile a few ways that you can minimize the chances of a cat jumping onto your blinds anytime in the near future.

Wrap the Cords

If the window coverings on your windows have long cords that your cat can play around with, make sure that these are out of reach or tied up so that your cat can’t get into them. If you install a small hook by the top of the window so that they can’t jump onto the ledge and still manage to get a hold of it. These are usually the primary reason that cats are even aware that the blinds are something that they have access too. Taking away this dangling string could help minimize the chances of your cats messing with the blinds.

catwin2Vertical Blinds

If your home has mini blinds, vinyl blinds or really any other design that goes directly up and down, consider switching them out for vertical blinds. These blinds offer a different look, but they also allow for your cat to ex
plore and chase after their curiosity without doing any serious damage. These blinds will provide you with the same amount of privacy, coverage from the sun, and will definitely minimize the amount of damage control that you have to worry about.

Plantation Shutters

Another option that you have is switching out your blinds for shutters. These are much more sturdy and offer an entirely different look, but they definitely leave zero room for messing around with. Leave them open during the day so that natural light can make it’s way into your home or so that your cat can make the most of the view, but close them and shed your worries of your furry friend doing any damage to them.

You can find these other window treatment options at Arjay’s Window Fashions, but hopefully these tips provide you with enough to keep you from having to stop by our showroom for new blinds more than usual. While we love having you stop by, we want you to at least enjoy these blinds for a while before they need replacing!

For any other questions, reach out to our team and we would be more than happy to help out.

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