The unfortunate child strangulation caused by window blind & shade cords could be reduced or eliminated by installing window products with motors or updated cord designs. Manufacturers of these traditional blinds have known that these cheaper, “old school” blinds can be dangerous, and have tried to offer suggestions on how to keep children safe. The most important thing that can be done to protect children is to provide treatments without cords. After-market suggestions like “lifting the cords out of a child’s reach with a clothes pin” have proven ineffective. One family still lost their child after following these directions because their son was tangled in the blind cords. This incident was seven years ago, and there has been awareness in the industry for more than 30 years.

Child Safe Window Blinds

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Recently, one California State lawmaker took an aggressive stand for child safe blinds and called for a ban on models that still had exposed cords. While the law did not pass, the lawmaker has vowed to try again. Several retail outlets have either pulled the blinds, or plan to pull them from their shelves by the year 2018. It is also likely that the ban will be revisited one day, and that these “cheap” blinds will be harder to find, even if they aren’t banned. At the very least awareness has been increased, and hopefully more parents will be alert as they shop for window coverings.

Blinds safe for childern

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Manufacturers Upping Standards

Safety standards are being taken seriously, and even without a law on the books the Window Covering Manufacturer’s Association (WCMA) has initiated another revision of their voluntary safety standard effective October 2015. The update is made is cooperation with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). There has been seven updates since 1996, with the most recent, other than the 2015 update, coming in 2012. These standards are said to be the most stringent in the world.

Even with higher standards overall, parents should still use extreme caution when it comes to corded window blinds. Arjay’s Window Fashions offers a complete line of cordless products that will eliminate all cord exposure. Cordless Roman Shades and Roller Shades have become popular options in homes where young children are present. Arjay’s strongly suggests eliminating all corded products when children have access to windows with blinds and shades; and when purchasing new blinds and shades, corded products should not ever be selected. With the wide selection of cordless products available, coupled with the motorized blinds & shades, there is no reason to expose children to the dangers associated with corded products.

Automated Child Safe Blinds

Motorized shades and blinds are an excellent way to keep children safe, because motorized shades are controlled by remote control, automation systems or timers and completely remove cords from the equation.

Regardless of what window product Arjay’s clients are interested in, we can design those products so that they can be operated with motors. As an example, Arjay’s can motorize shutters, drapery, shades & blinds and all of these products can be operated with remote control systems. Although safety is the primary concern when children have access to shades & blinds, motorization provides other benefits like solar and temperature control. When shades are programmed to operate in tandem with the location of the sun, shades can either eliminate solar gain when its unwanted in the summer or allow it through windows in winter months to warm the building. Arjay’s Window Fashions has been providing window coverings since 1975 and our designers look forward to meeting with you to select safe options window treatment options for your home.

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