Windows are an often overlooked part of the home. Most people focus on its utilitarian purpose of letting light in and providing ventilation to a room. However, a bare window can give a room an unfinished look. This is why you need to take a look at the variety of window coverings offered by companies like Arjays Window Fashions to get some ideas on how to add sparkle to your rooms. Let the Light In: Choosing the Right Window Coverings for Your Home

First, when choosing from among attractive but functional window fashions, you’ll have to consider the purpose of the room. Your living room is a place for social interaction and entertaining guests, while your bedroom is a place for relaxation. This can affect the type of window covering you may want to use. For example, sheer drapes are a favorite choice for the more public spaces of your house. For the bedroom and bathroom, where privacy is needed, heavier curtains are the better choice as they help ensure that no one can see through from the outside.

Second, think of what your window’s main purpose is. A window can serve a lot of functions in the room, but the main one will influence how you should decorate it. For example, a window can provide light for the room during daytime and present a fine view of the outdoors. If you want to focus on lighting the room, you will want to use shades or shutters so that you can control the amount of natural light coming in. However, if you want a better view of your landscaping, you may opt for curtains and drapes, which can be parted to allow an unimpeded view of the outside.

Third, material is also important. The material will depend largely on the window treatment. For example, curtains are known to fade when exposed to a lot of sunlight. Choosing materials that are resistant to fading is important if you want your curtains to retain their colors for a long time.

Finally, you’ll have to think of your room’s design. Some window treatments work better for specific types of windows and room decor. For example, window shutters would work best with a room that aims for traditional décor, but may not go with ultra-modern designs. Curtains and drapes are excellent for large windows, while window films are ideal for glass sliding doors in homes with a modern style.

The right window treatment can make a room stand out. Consider all the factors and choose one wisely.

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