Getting the right treatments for your windows requires some serious thought. You cannot just plan to block out the light and be happy midday in the dark. Similarly, you should not go for a “barely there” approach for your window fashions if you expect greater privacy at times. Luckily, there are many ways to encourage natural light coming from your windows when you want it, and block it out when you do not. With blinds in Simi Valley from Arjay’s Window Fashions, you find the right balance for you.

Expanding Windows

When you have a spare moment, look for the areas in your home that are darker than you would prefer. Then, think about how you might improve upon them. Does your patio have a sliding-glass door? If not, you miss out on tons of natural light. Put in sliding glass or French doors with built-in windows. Then, add some custom blinds for your Simi Valley home. In fact, you can brighten any dark doorway by building in a glass component to your front and back doors. The effect is classy and allows you to turn off harsh, artificial lighting.

Door Fashions

While you consider your doors, imagine how much more lighting you could create by adding windows. Transoms and sidelights are window panes around your door frames. This effect brings an old-fashioned home into the 21st Century, while opening up your home to the world. There are many choices and you may choose to make the windows as expansive as your imagination. Do not feel as though you will turn your home into a fishbowl. however. You will find plenty of options for curtains and blinds in Simi Valley for any type of window you have.

Light-Building Window Treatments

While you might think that blinds and shutters serve only to block out the sunlight, this is not entirely true. Window treatments such as awnings and custom blinds in Simi Valley allow you to control the amount of light you see. Fearful of the blinding sun heating up your home? Consider exterior awnings in a translucent fabric. Longing for a classic style? Try our handcrafted shutters. They are easy to operate, hardy and provide a timeless feel to your home.

Everyone has a different preference for the perfect amount of natural light in the home. To expand the light in your home, explore the addition of windows in dark places. Then, add Arjay’s Window Fashions shutters, awnings or blinds in your Simi Valley home, for the right balance of light and protection.

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