Roller shades in Santa Barbara have been a popular choice of window covering for many years. These shades are economical, highly versatile, and since they have a relatively low profile they are easy to pair with other types of window coverings as well, such as curtains. They are also easier to keep clean, compared to window blinds with many individual slats that need to be maintained. Because they are easier to clean, many people consider them to be the best window treatment for allergies.

How to clean roller shade

Preparing to Clean Roller Shades

While in most situations it is safe to clean roller shades at home, it is important to look at the shades carefully to make sure that the task is something you can undertake without causing any damage. To begin with, you will need to take a close look at the shades to see just how dirty they are. If they are especially dirty or have deep stains, getting help for the first initial cleaning might be necessary. If it seems that cleaning the shades yourself should be manageable, take the time to review any instructions from the manufacturer before beginning. Often these instructions will provide recommendation of different types of cleaning agents that are most appropriate for the material your roller shades are made from. They also warn against cleaners that should not be used and may damage the shades – taking care to follow the manufacturers instructions is also important so that you don’t void your warranty by doing something the instructions warn against. If you do not have the cleaning instructions, call Arjay’s for more information if you purchased the shades from us.

Steps for cleaning roller shade

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Once you determine what materials are safe, you can prepare to clean your shades by gathering the necessary materials. Common materials used include,

Steps for Cleaning Roller Shades

In order to properly clean your roller shades, there is a four step process to follow.

  1. First, the feather duster can be used to remove dirt and dust close to the surface. If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time for a full cleaning, it will help to perform just this step until you are ready to commit to the full cleaning.
  2. After performing the initial light dusting, a deeper dusting can be done with a soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner.
  3. Once this is done a damp sponge can be used to wipe or gently scrub off remaining stains or dirt from the head rail or the shade fabric provided the cleaning instructions allow this step. Test a small area to make sure the color on the fabric does not run when cleaned.
  4. After you have wiped away as much as you can, use the hair dryer on high heat in order to completely dry the fabric to prevent any water damage provided the cleaning instructions allow this step..

The Versatility of Roller Shades

Roller shades are available in many different colors and materials including linen, polyester and cotton, and can provide various levels of light filtering including total blackout coverage. They can be controlled manually, and many are made with extra safety provisions in order to keep children safe. It is even possible to have the shades motorized and automated so that they don’t need to be handled at all, except for cleaning. Arjay’s has been providing a variety of quality window treatments, including roller shades in Santa Barbara since 1975 and strive to continually improve our product selection and service. Contact us to schedule a consultation to discuss the right mix of window coverings for your home.

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