If you still think of window blinds as old-fashioned, unattractive dust catchers, then you owe it to yourself and your home to investigate current possibilities of wood blinds and faux blinds.  They have come of age in today’s world.  Not only are the options for customizing blinds almost limitless, but they are available at prices to please the budget-minded as well as those for whom cost is not an object, but a decor statement is an all-important goal.

Choose from Menu of Options

Manufactured with slat width that ranges from 1 to 3 inches, horizontal blinds can have the sleek look of Euro-contemporary or the farmhouse flavor of Midwestern casual.  Wider slats, depending on finish, may suggest European elegance or deep-South gentility;  faux blinds in easy-care finishes are a perfect choice for playrooms, children’s bedrooms, functional spaces, and some offices.

No matter what the specifics of your needs, window blinds provide you with the best of modern technology, value, safety and utility.  Because of their construction, blinds can be adjusted for total room darkening, or may be left to filter light and prevent outside surveillance.  Alternatively, they may be raised completely to open any room to an expansive view.

Custom Features

Possible custom features include designer fashion tapes to replace standard cords, either wand or cord adjustment, motorized operation, concealed headboards, and buoyant lift options which eliminate all hanging cords.

Serviceable and Attractive

Because blinds have been a favorite of homeowners in many areas, and because they were a standard in so many homes in the past, there are some lingering misconceptions.  Not all blinds are created equal.  Modern blinds offer excellent value and lasting appeal; they are available in real wood as well as faux wood.  Both are available in a wide range of standard colors and finishes; custom wood blinds may be painted, stained, finished to match furniture, antiqued or distressed.

When looking at window covering options for your new or remodeled living spaces, you should be guided by your personal preferences as well as your pocketbook.  The experienced professional design team at Arjay’s will be able to guide you to appropriate choices, based on your need for privacy, your design styles, and your budget.  If that choice leads to window blinds as a practical solution, you can then explore the range of options available.  Call for a complementary consultation.

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