Awesome Tips for Remodeling Home Office

Those who live in Los Angeles are often on the move, and their work involves a little of everything. Clocking out at the end of a workday and simply going home to relax is not part of their reality. That’s why it is so important to have a fresh and functional home office. Remodeling the […]

Motorized Shades and Motorized Blinds for Your Santa Barbara Home

Santa Barbara is located on the West Coast, about 92 miles from Los Angeles. In California, the weather is nice, but temperamental. Depending on what day it is, you will experience extreme heat, and then you can wake up the next and its 50 degrees outside. With so many fluctuations in weather, being prepared in […]

Want to Increase Turnaround in Your Retail Store? Let in Natural Light!

For retailers looking to bring in more turnaround, the answer may not be in better endcaps and product displays. It may be in bringing in natural lighting. Natural light encourages customers to stay inside a store longer, interact with products longer and purchase a greater number of items. By bringing in natural light, you may […]

Survey of Hospital Lighting Finds Significant Staff Preference for Daylight

Sunshine and fresh air used to be a common remedy doctors would recommend for many ailments, but a recent study by Heriot-Watt University’s School of the Built Environment and Qatar’s Hamad General Hospital Urology Department found that most doctors and nurses are able to better perform their jobs and believe patients recover better when daylight […]

Latest in Smart Home Technology That You Should Have!!

As technology evolves, the world is getting increasingly smarter. For millions, smartphones have become a staple of their lives, replacing older phones that do little more than make calls. Automobiles are also using “smart” technology, and some practically drive themselves. But these developments aren’t just useful when you’re out and about. Taking advantage of “Smart […]

Control Your Window Shades With Free iPad App

The benefits of modern technology and digital apps now extend to controlling the operation of your window shades. It’s an exciting new development that allows anyone with an iPad to raise and lower window shades in residential or commercial settings with the touch of a finger. Think of the flexibility and the convenience this offers. […]

What is the Value in Using Motorized Blinds

When considering window treatments, there are a number of options on the market. Window treatments serve a variety of purposes, such as keeping or shutting out light, regulating your room temperature, and the most important, providing different levels of privacy. One of the most popular conveniences available in window treatment design is motorized blinds. These […]

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