The Advantages Of Motorized Blinds

If you’ve ever rented a room in an apartment complex before or even rented a house, one of the pains that you might have come across is replacing the blinds when you move out. Or rather, your landlord or property owner is requiring you to pay premium prices in order to get your window coverings […]

How To Clean Your Motorized Blinds

We live in a high tech world. We have phones that are basically mini-supercomputers, our dishwashers can send emails, and cars are equipped with software that allows them to tell YOU when it’s time for a tune up. You may think that the world of window treatments is one place where technology won’t ever butt […]

What You Will Love About Your Motorized Blinds

At Arjay’s, one of our most popular services is motorized blind installation and it isn’t hard to understand why. When your blinds are motorized, your life is simpler. Imagine tucking yourself in at night, all cozy for a night of well-deserved sleep, when you realize that the blinds are still up, ensuring that your room […]

Times Where Motorized Blinds Make Life Easier

Having blinds in your home is something that provides you with protection for your furniture, control over the temperature of your house, and they contribute to the aesthetic of your home. At Arjay’s Window Fashions, we also provide the option of motorized blinds to our customers. To some, this may seem like a luxurious addition […]

Best Uses for Motorized Blinds

When motorized blinds first appeared on the window treatment market, they felt like something from the future. At first, they were something that you only found in very high-end homes. Today, though, that’s completely changed. You’ll find motorized blinds in homes of all shapes and sizes across the country, and they’ve become a must-have item […]

What Are The Best Rooms To Install Motorized Blinds?

Do you live to upgrade your phone to the latest and greatest model, and can’t wait until all your appliances control themselves? If so, it might surprise you to know that blinds and window shades now come in advanced varieties that make it even easier to control the natural light and climate inside your home. […]

Why You Need Motorized Blinds

If you’re considering getting blinds, have you thought about motorized ones? Not everyone thinks to take blinds to the next level, but getting them motorized is a fantastic option. It’s especially great if you’re managing blinds on especially tall or inaccessible windows, but motorized blinds inject sophistication and convenience to any room. At Arjay’s, we’ve […]

Are Your Window Coverings Child-Safe?

When you have little ones, your entire home becomes a danger zone. From outlets to stairs to sharp corners, there are many different ways for them to get into trouble. At Arjay’s, we understand how important your child’s safety is, and we work hard to bring beauty and practicality to every home utilizing our window […]

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